Shoes to Wear with Bootcut Jeans: 30+ Genius Ideas in 2023

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Besides the outfits, I need you to consider one key aspect when picking what shoes to wear with bootcut jeans since they’re quite different from other jeans.

Unlike straight or skinny jeans, bootcut jeans are wider on the bottom, which requires extra effort in styling them. Afraid not! After knowing what shoes to pair with them, dare I say, you’ll look fabulous once you know how to style them properly.

If you’re curious about picking the footwear, be at ease, ladies! This article features some of my favorite curation of shoes that I love to mix and match when wearing my bootcut jeans.

Don’t worry! I make sure to enlist diverse pairs to suit your awesome style. Keep scrolling to see tons of them!

Top 3 picks

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Dark brown Chelsea bootsBeige heelsWhite tennis shoes

What are bootcut jeans?

Bootcut jeans can be described as denim pants that get a little flare from the knees to the ankles. Usually, the flares are as wide as 18 to 20 inches, unlike flare jeans, which are much wider.

They also quite fit through the hips and thighs with a slight opening. Personally, I prefer this kind of bottom wear since they look neater and easily blend in with any outfit of my preferences.

In an interview with The Strategist, model Georgia May Jagger stated that she loves wearing bootcut jeans for their classic and high-waisted look, just like I do!

The daughter of the famous rockstar Mick Jagger mentioned how bootcut jeans had been a major part of her family’s life.

Other models like Felicity Hayward and Yasmin Geurts also shared their thoughts on how bootcut jeans complement their curvy figures perfectly with The Strategist.

Hayward mentioned that the wider leg area balances the body proportion and creates a flattering silhouette. Meanwhile, Geurts felt amazed at how the bootcut jeans made her butts look great with back pocket accents.

What body type should you wear bootcut jeans?

Any body type can wear bootcut jeans, but in my opinion, as a 5-year-experienced fashion expert, rectangular and circular body types will look best wearing these certain jeans!

I, myself, am one among those with such a body type. That’s why I am madly in love with bootcut jeans!

Moreover, style expert Jené Luciani Sena also mentioned that bootcut jeans are guaranteed to flatter pear and triangular body shapes.

The reason is the wide lower parts of bootcut jeans can balance the body shape and make the wearers look more flattering. I shall agree with that!

Shoes to wear with bootcut jeans women’s

Below is a list of shoes to wear with women’s bootcut jeans, which I’ve compiled from various credible sources in fashion and footwear, as well as my personal experiences.

Let’s dive in!

1. Boots

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

You’ve probably guessed that this type of shoe matches perfectly with bootcut jeans since they share a similar name.

I usually pair the bootcut jeans with boots since the bottom part of these pants runs wide. Besides, such boots are amazing to protect my toes from chilly winter.

Personal stylist Andie Sobrato suggested opting for block-heeled booties so the hem doesn’t drag to the floor and gives the entire look a nice elegant touch. Together, they’ll make a chic ensemble for colder days.

2. Pumps

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

If you’re not a huge fan of boots, don’t worry! I recommend pumps, as they also go incredibly well with bootcut jeans.

As I see it, any type of dress shoe is one of the best to wear with bootcut jeans since they’ll make your legs look slimmer and longer. From my expertise point of view, pumps look best with both regular bootcut jeans and cropped ones.

As for the tops, you can match them with an oversized shirt, specifically a white one. It’s also the perfect choice if you want to level up the look to be more fashionable.

3. Platform sneakers

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

As I said earlier, heeled shoes will elevate your look while wearing bootcut jeans. I recommend pairing the jeans with platform sneakers if you’re not used to walking in heels for quite some time.

The solid base provides a strong foundation that’s guaranteed to make you look flattering while wearing them.

Platform sneakers are indeed my go-to for any casual occasion, like cafe hopping, hanging out with my pals, or simply going grocery shopping.

4. Wedges

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

It’s a hot summer day, and there’s nothing better than pairing your favorite bootcut jeans with wedges! I recommend picking longer bootcut jeans that cover half of the wedges to create a more streamlined look.

This type of shoe is perfect if you’re a fan of bohemian looks and want to look fabulous while still maintaining comfort.

In addition, I’d love to advise you to match the shoes with a tube top or an off-shoulder one if you want to embrace the summer better.

Shoes to wear with bootcut jeans 2023

A year prior, bootcut jeans were starting to get famous. Today, we’re looking back at what shoes to wear with bootcut jeans, according to my experience as a notable fashion connoisseur.

1. Leopard heels

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Andrew Roberts, an experienced shoe reviewer, said that leopard print shoes are one of the best choices to wear with bootcut jeans, and I agree with that.

As a fashion stylist, I recommend choosing pointed-toe heels since they’ll make your legs seem leaner and more balanced.

And I must say that heels and other dress shoes will complement bootcut jeans and create a sophisticated look. For the top, choose a basic one so as not to overpower the pattern of your shoes.

2. Ankle boots

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

From my observation as an experienced stylist, bootcut jeans with ankle boots apparently remain the most famous ensemble for these slightly flared jeans.

Personally speaking, this type of boots has been my favorite for any occasion. I usually match them with my blazer for an office look or a long coat when the fall arrives.

Furthermore, these versatile and timeless boots can be worn by both men and women and are guaranteed to make you look flattering paired with bootcut jeans!

3. Heeled sandals

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

If you’re not a fan of covered shoes, sandals with heels are the perfect choice to wear with bootcut jeans, whether you choose the regular length or cropped ones.

From my viewpoint, heeled sandals are another dress shoes that match your bootcut jeans flawlessly. Paired with the jeans, these sandals will give the entire look more sleek and create an illusion of longer legs.

I also think that these sandals will create a stunning look with your bootcut jeans and a short-sleeved shirt featuring a floral pattern. Trust me, this pair will steal the spotlight in the summer!

4. Casual Converse

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Who doesn’t love the good ol’ Converse? These high-top sneakers are another choice to wear with your favorite bootcut jeans. It’s perfect for active people who want to look youthful.

For ladies, I recommend pairing the shoes with cropped jeans and a long turtle tee or sweater to achieve a modern look.

As for men, my fashion guru friend explains that regular bootcut jeans will go just fine with your loveable sneakers. Also, my advice is to grab your denim jacket if you want to go up and beyond.

Shoes to wear with bootcut jeans 2023

We’re still at the beginning of the year, meaning that it’s not too late to check what’s the current footwear trends.

Here are some of my collections of shoes you can wear with bootcut jeans in 2023:

1. Chunky sneakers

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Let’s start this list with another pair of casual chunky sneakers. I admit that this type of shoe can be the ideal option to wear with bootcut jeans if you’re not comfortable wearing heeled shoes.

In addition, the thick rubber sole of these sneakers makes your legs look leaner, which is perfect if you have short and stout legs. I recommend pairing it with your favorite tank top or crop tee to elevate your body shape even more.

2. Beige heels

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Let’s head back to the neutral and all-rounder dress shoes: beige heels. Don’t let the plain appearance trick you! A pair of beige heels is another must-have item in women’s closets.

Besides boots, I prefer pairing my bootcut jeans with beige heels to radiate such elegance. A little advice from my 5-year experience as a fashion stylist: choose bootcut jeans with a length that reaches the midpoint of the heel itself

3. Braided mules

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

If you’re looking for a pair of unique shoes, these braided and heeled mules can be your inspiration. I recommend combining the shoes with cropped bootcut jeans to show the braids off and accentuate the legs.

As I and other fashion stylists mentioned before, heels can help you to look balanced and not ‘drown’ in the wide lower parts of bootcut jeans.

For this look, I think it will be best to match the bootcut jeans and the shoes with sleeveless tops.

4. Snake print boots

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Besides leopard print, the snake skin pattern is also popular to give an edgy touch and spice to your plain bootcut jeans. You can either pick regular-length bootcut jeans or cropped ones to wear the shoes with.

In my personal perspective as a fashionista, this one-of-a-kind pair of boots is the perfect option to pick if you want to accentuate the footwear and show your unique fashion sense. 

Casual shoes for bootcut jeans

It’s quite tiring to always wear dress shoes and boots every time you’re heading out with bootcut jeans.

Fortunately, as a certified stylist, I can help you compile some casual shoes for your most-liked bootcut jeans, along with some ideas from other notable experts.

1. Flat shoes

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Give your feet a break with these pairs of flat shoes. I prefer wearing pointed-toe ones since they’ll create an attractive look and complement the entire look.

In her interview with HuffPost, founder of The Curvy Fashionista Marie Denee recommended wearing colorful flats to bring some joy to the look.

As for the rise, I recommend wearing low-rise bootcut jeans to achieve the classic 2000s look or opt for cropped ones so you don’t have to worry about the hem drags on the floor.

2. Platform sneakers

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Besides flats, platform sneakers are also perfect to pair with bootcut jeans. For short-framed girls like me, the sneakers’ sturdy rubber soles uplift my body so I don’t look too small and drown while wearing the jeans.

Technically, the platforms act similar to heels, but they provide a wider area for your feet so you don’t feel tired while wearing them for some time.

In my opinion, it’s also perfect for the elderly who want to upgrade their style!

3. Espadrille wedges

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Speaking about wedges, these espadrille wedges are another casual and comfy footwear you can pair with bootcut jeans.

You don’t have to worry about comfort since the sole is both comfortable and flexible, perfect for spending a lot of strolling.

Here’s a useful tip from me as a bootcut fan: pair with cropped bootcut jeans to show the belts around the ankle off. Guaranteed you’ll look stylish and sweet.

4. Tennis shoes

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

You might’ve heard plenty of times about how versatile white tennis shoes are outside the court. A pair of crisp white sneakers will surely complement both men’s and women’s bootcut jeans.

I’ve seen plenty of men mixing and matching dark bootcut jeans with white tennis sneakers to uplift the entire look, and to be honest, they’re looking fantastic! 

As a bootcut jean enthusiast, I sometimes pair the jeans with crisp white shoes to achieve a stunning look with little effort.

In an interview with HuffPost, plus-size fashion stylist and blogger Marie Denee also mentioned that you can also pick fancier tennis shoes to look more elevated.

Ankle boots with bootcut jeans

Earlier in this article, I mentioned how the ankle boots and bootcut jeans combo is the absolute 10/10.

Keep scrolling to see some ankle boots inspiration to wear with your beloved bootcut jeans, according to me as an experienced fashion stylist. 

1. Starry boots

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

To spice your boring bootcut jeans up, try mixing and matching them with fun-patterned ankle boots.

As I see it, this star pattern on the boots can give a shining and outstanding accent to the entire look. Pair the boots with cropped bootcut jeans to look appealing and show them off proudly.

My tip for the top is to choose a turtleneck sweatshirt and tuck it into the jeans to highlight your hips.

2. Suede boots

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

A pair of suede boots have been my favorite shoes since they basically elevate any outfit I wear, including bootcut jeans. Most people usually mix and match this delicate and elegant boot with any type of jeans, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

As for me, I generally combine a pair of suede boots with regular bootcut jeans to look stunning and chic. For the top, I love to have a long white shirt for a semi-formal occasion.

3. Fringed ankle boots

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Moving on, this fringed boot is perfect if you want to have a statement look and make everyone pay attention to the boots.

As a bootcut jean enthusiast, I regularly wear them with cropped bootcut jeans to look more flattering and balanced since the cropped ones will show the ankle boots more perfectly compared to the regular-length ones.

In addition, I usually match the pair with a flannel shirt in square patternation if I want to have a cowboy-like style.

4. Zipper ankle boots

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Some of my friends wear zipper ankle boots with bootcut jeans since they’re quite easy to put on and don’t take too long to wear.

Whether you pick the ones with kitten heels or chunky ones, they both will fit your body proportion well and make you look attractive.

The same goes for the jeans’ rise and length, but in most cases, I pick high-rise cropped bootcut jeans to look more flattering.

Boots to wear with bootcut jeans

Not just ankle boots, there is more type of boots that flatter bootcut jeans, as claimed by me and other trustworthy fashion experts. Below are some boot recommendations from me to wear with bootcut jeans.

1. Lace-up boots

shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

I must admit that lace-up boots are quite complicated to wear, but I can adjust how tight the lace should be and it provides more comfort when needed.

Not only that, but lace-up boots will also make you look great while paired with bootcut jeans. As I see it, it will balance the entire look and make your legs look leaner.

2. Tall boots

If you’re finding ankle boots a bit uncomfortable to your liking, try wearing these tall boots. I recommend opting for fitting mid-calf to under-knee length and wearing bootcut jeans over them.

If you wish to tuck the jeans in, make sure to secure them before wearing the boots. I advise choosing wider boots if you want to wear them over bootcut jeans.

Either way, you can choose which one works best and is most comfortable.

3. Clog boots

Most clog shoes work best with flared and bootcut jeans, so I’m including clog boots on this list. It looks fantastic when paired with regular bootcut jeans for a casual stroll during cold days.

And yes, that’s exactly what I do when I want to look fashionable in the winter. To put it in other words, clog boots and bootcut jeans are a match made in heaven, and you need to try the combination.

4. Combat boots

Since numerous credible fashion experts predicted combat boots are coming to the trend in 2023, I’ll also include this boot to wear with bootcut jeans.

You can either pair it with cropped bootcut jeans or regular, but I prefer the first one since I can show the entirety of the boot itself.

Content creator and fashion influencer Cate Kittlitz also explained in HuffPost that pairing the edgy, classic combat boots with more laidback bootcut jeans creates an interesting combination and adds a touch of Gen Z feel.

Chelsea boots with bootcut jeans

To put it simply, Chelsea boots are another type of ankle boots that have elastic panels on the side. As one of the trustworthy fashion connoisseurs, I have compiled some Chelsea boots to wear with bootcut jeans below.

1. Camel boots

Light-colored Chelsea boots are famous among women, and I’m one of them. My favorite is Chelsea boots in camel, which I often paired with my good ol’ bootcut jeans.

In my opinion as a fashion stylist with years of experience, you can wear camel Chelsea boots to complement dark pants perfectly, and I must say it’s not disappointing!

2. Leopard boots

Another statement shoe you can wear with bootcut jeans are the leopard boot. Most of the time, I match these Chelsea boots with my bootcut jeans of choice.

Whether you pick the regular or cropped ones, these unique pairs will surely flatter your legs. As a fashion stylist, I suggest picking high to medium-rise ones since they’ll look better with boots.

3. Dark brown Chelsea boots

Along with black, dark brown Chelsea boots are popular among men and deemed as the most versatile color. If you have dark bootcut jeans, simply just match them with these Chelsea boots to look great and cohesive.

I recommend wearing them over the shoes, but not too long since you’ll look awkward if doing so.

4. Suede Chelsea boots

Suede shoes can be found easily in various models, including Chelsea boots. From my observation, this type of boot looks best worn with dark-washed bootcut jeans.

Most of my male friends wear suede Chelsea boots in a darker tone that matches their pants, such as black or dark brown.

I need to mention that suede Chelsea boots are perfect for casual occasions, like coming to your office when it’s about to winter.

What shoes to wear with bootcut jeans in summer

During summer, it’s almost unlikely to wear boots comfortably. If you’re looking for some ideas on what shoes to wear with bootcut jeans in summer, here are my best picks to try as an expert in fashion.

1. Clogs 

Have you ever heard of clogs? From my experience, it takes some time to adjust to walking in clogs compared to any shoes since the structure is a tad bit different. This pair of wooden footwear can be a surprising fashion statement to wear with bootcut jeans. In summer, I usually wear them alone with regular bootcut jeans. Pro tip: you can also add socks to look more fun.

2. Loafers 

In an interview with the Independent, some fashion enthusiasts mentioned that loafers are both comfortable and reliable to wear during the daytime in summer. It’s guaranteed to make you look flattering and still undoubtedly stylish.

Regularly, I wear them with cropped bootcut to avoid the hem from dragging on the floor. Loafers are easy to wear since you just have to slide your feet inside, and you’re good to go!

3. Open-toe heels

Yes, you can wear open-toe heels with bootcut jeans in summer to look just fabulous. I recommend picking bright-colored ones, like bright red, or opting for light neutral tones like beige to create a nice pop to the entire look.

Speaking from my experience, it’s best to pair them with cropped bootcut jeans if you want to show the lengthened legs. 

4. Woven wedges sandals

These sandals are one of my favorite women’s footwear for summer. The unique woven on the heels creates a unique and eye-catching statement that’ll make you look stunning.

Lesley Tosrson, an owner of a denim boutique, mentioned in the Independent that combining wedge sandals with white bootcut jeans creates a youthful look and makes you more confident. 


How to wear bootcut jeans

As a bootcut jeans fan, I’d like to share some valuable and easy tips on how to wear them to look pretty.

  • Pick your preferred rise. Get a low-rise one if you’re not comfortable with the fabric wrapping around the belly area or the versatile medium-rise. High-rise bootcut jeans are perfect as well for tucking the longer tops.
  • Get the right length. Opt for cropped bootcut jeans for summer or full-length to achieve an elongated leg silhouette.
  • Choose what look are you going for. Bootcut jeans are usually styled in many ways, from sophisticated, sleek, and casual to retro, sporty, and cowboy looks. 

What shoes to wear with bootcut jeans men?

For men, boots and Derby shoes are the perfect shoes to wear with bootcut jeans, and I’ll explain why. True to their name, bootcut jeans match perfectly with any type of boots.

My suggestions vary from polished Chelsea boots to sturdy Chukka and hiking boots. If you’re not a fan of boots, I suggest picking a pair of Derby shoes to match the casual energy.

What should wear on bootcut jeans?

There are many items you can wear to complement bootcut jeans to look remarkably stylish. Quoted from the professionals, here are some clothes and footwears to mix and match with the jeans.

TopCollared shirtsFlowy tops
Vintage t-shirtsBlazers
Buttoned shirts
ShoeBootsFlat shoes
Dress shoesBoots
Casual sneakers
Chunky heels

Is bootcut jeans still in style 2024?

Bootcut jeans are still in style this year! As a fashion couturier, I even predicted that bootcut jeans would be the main highlight of the 2024 style, and there’s a reason why.

As I see it, this particular type of jeans provides feminine and sexy cuts that’ll flatter your body. Not to mention that bootcut jeans are the throwback from the 60s and 70s, so this is a good chance to feel nostalgic! 


In brief, it’s important to choose carefully what shoes to wear with bootcut jeans to look flattering and chic. Ideally, you might go for any shoes with heels to complement the slightly flared pants and look fantastic. I hope these shoe ideas can help you decide what to wear with bootcut jeans!