How to Clean Crocs (6 Alternative Ways & Different Types)

how to clean crocs

Drawing upon years of experience as a dedicated Crocs enthusiast, I’ve refined a set of effective cleaning techniques to keep your beloved pair in pristine condition. In this article, I’ll share my tried-and-true methods for how to clean crocs, whether you’re tackling stubborn stains or simply aiming to refresh them.

Let’s delve into the world of Croc cleaning and restore the sparkle to your footwear!

I. Step By Step Of How To Clean Crocs

how to clean crocs

With my extensive experience in cleaning Crocs, I understand how dirt and debris can accumulate, especially when worn outdoors.

Fortunately, Crocs’ Croslite foam material makes them easy to clean. Let me guide you through the essential kits to restore them to their original shine!

A. Cleaning kits and their functions

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  • Shoe cleaner. It’s a cleaning agent specializing in cleaning shoes, including Crocs. 
  • Apron. Use an apron to keep your clothes neat and dry while cleaning Crocs.
  • Premium brush. You’ll need a premium brush with soft bristles from animal hair to clean the upper Crocs.
  • Standard brush. Get a strong and sturdy-bristled standard brush for cleaning the outsole.
  • A small brush or toothbrush. Use a small brush to scrub the inner and hard-to-reach parts of the Crocs. If you don’t have one, replace it with a toothbrush.
  • Microfiber cloth. You’ll need a microfiber cloth to wipe the dirt and stains off from the Crocs after being cleaned.
  • Washbowl. Fill the washbowl with water to create a cleaning solution with the shoe cleaner.

B. How to clean your Crocs

Step 1: Prepare the dirty Crocs

To start, get a pair of grungy Crocs for cleaning. Brush them lightly to dust the surface off. If your Crocs have some dirt or mud clumps, I recommend rinsing them first with running water to erode the layer for easier cleaning.

Step 2: Get the cleaning kits

Next, prepare the cleaning kits, which consist of a shoe cleaner, an apron, a set of brushes, a microfiber cloth, and a basin. Wear an apron to protect yourself from the mess while cleaning. In the washbowl filled with water, add a small part of the shoe cleaner, then combine them well until foaming.

Step 3: Clean the Crocs sole

Dip a standard brush into the mixture, then start scrubbing the sole. Brush the sole vigorously to remove dirt, debris, and stains from the part. To reach the small nook, I recommend you use a small brush or toothbrush.

Repeat the process if necessary until the sole is clean. Wipe the suds and dirt off with a microfiber cloth. I prefer microfiber cloths because their durability and water absorbance are far superior compared to ordinary cloth.

Step 4: Clean the Croc’s upper

Similar to the previous step, dip the premium brush into the cleaning solution, then rub the upper gently to prevent scratches and damage. Use a small brush or toothbrush to reach the narrow part. Wipe the suds with a microfiber cloth and Repeat the process until no more dirt is left behind. 

If you don’t have a shoe cleaner at home, clean the Crocs with a brush under direct running water. Wipe the dirt from Crocs with a microfiber cloth, then set aside. In my opinion, cleaning Crocs with either shoe cleaner is more effective because using mere water can’t completely clean stubborn dirt or stains. 

Step 5: Drying

After the cleaning process is finished, let the Crocs sit in front of a fan and let them dry for about one to two hours. I suggest you not dry them under direct sunlight, as the heat may shrink the rubber material of the Crocs.

Step 6: Finishing  

Now your Crocs are clean and dry; they’re ready to wear again.

II. How to clean white Crocs

how to clean crocs
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Cleaning white Crocs can be a bit of a challenge, but with the right guidance and expertise, you can easily keep them looking fresh and pristine.

In this guide, I’ll share my knowledge of the most effective methods to clean and maintain your white Crocs, ensuring they stay bright and clean.

  • As an experienced Crocs cleaning expert, I always start by gathering my cleaning supplies. I’ll need a bucket, warm water, mild detergent, a soft-bristle brush, and a clean cloth.
  • First, I carefully remove any loose dirt or debris from the surface of the white Crocs. I do this gently to avoid scratching them.
  • Next, I fill the bucket with warm water and add a small amount of mild detergent. I make sure to mix it thoroughly until it’s soapy.
  • Then, I immerse the white Crocs in the soapy water. I use the soft-bristle brush to scrub them gently, paying close attention to any stains or scuff marks.
  • After cleaning, I rinse the Crocs thoroughly with clean water. I ensure there’s no soap residue left.
  • Now, I let the Crocs air dry naturally in a cool place. I avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or heat sources, as it can cause discoloration.
  • Once they’re completely dry, I inspect the Crocs for any remaining stains. If needed, I repeat the cleaning process in those specific areas.
  • As a final touch, I may use a white eraser or a magic eraser for any stubborn marks. I do this gently to avoid damaging the material.
  • To keep my white Crocs looking fresh, I store them in a cool, dry place when not in use, and avoid wearing them in extremely muddy or dirty conditions.

III. How to clean black Crocs

how to clean crocs
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People tend to wear black Crocs to avoid catching dirt and stains, but eventually, they get dirty and scuffed marks from usage. To clean black Crocs and make them look flattering again, here’s what you can do.

  • I’d suggest beginning by meticulously brushing off any excess dust and dirt from your black Crocs. It makes it easier for you to clean them thoroughly.
  • Next, create a uniform cleaning solution by mixing a few drops of shoe cleaner with water. I recommend using a sponge and squeezing it in the solution to make a soapy cleaner.
  • With the gentle touch and thoroughness that I’ve found effective through my extensive experience, I’d suggest working the cleaning solution into the Crocs using a brush.
  • Afterward, I’d recommend rinsing the Crocs and letting them dry completely in a cool, well-ventilated area. You can try my tips to use a fan to speed up the drying process.

When the crocs are dry, prepare them for repainting.

  • Get black paint and squeeze some of it on the palette. You can use either fabric or acrylic paint to cover the stains.
  • Use a small brush to apply the paint in the desired area.
  • Leave the Crocs to dry entirely.

From my experience, repainting black Crocs is an effective solution if you notice scuff marks or stubborn stains on them. The paint will stick much stronger if you wash the Crocs before.

IV. How to clean Crocs with fur

how to clean crocs
Source: Instagram/andymilonakis

Fuzzy Crocs are another type of Crocs that have fur lining on the footbeds. Their lining is permanently glued, so washing them can be a bit tricky. No worries! We get these steps on how to clean Crocs with fur lining safely based on my experience:

  • I always start by getting a bucket filled with warm water, then I add a few drops of mild detergent and mix until it gets soapy.
  • Next, I soak the Crocs with fur into the mixture and scrub them occasionally. This helps to loosen up dirt and stains.
  • Then, I prefer to let them sit for a few minutes, allowing the soapy water to work its magic in removing dirt and stains effectively.
  • Afterward, I rinse them with water thoroughly to make sure all the soap is gone, and then I allow them to air dry. If you’re in a hurry, using a fan can speed up the drying process.
  • Once the Crocs are completely dry, I sprinkle some baking soda into the lining and leave it for 3 hours. This helps to remove any lingering odors.
  • To finish, I use a wire wool brush to make the fur fluffy again. This step ensures they look as good as new and ready to wear.

Any mild detergent can do the cleaning, but for me, shoe cleaner is still the best choice. In my experience, baking soda is effective in keeping the Crocs fresh and preventing offensive smells. 

V. How to clean Crocs LiteRide

how to clean crocs
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Similar to the classic Crocs, LiteRide is washable and very lightweight. The only difference is a super soft foam insole on the base. Here’s my simple guide on how to clean Crocs LiteRide.

  • Start the step by dusting the Crocs off with a dry brush. I never skip this procedure to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • In a separate bowl, I like to mix a cleaning solution consisting of water and a shoe cleaner.
  • Next, I dip a brush into the cleaning solution and scrub the surface thoroughly. It’s essential not to miss any spots.
  • Afterward, I make sure to wipe off the suds and repeat the process until I get the desired result.
  • Finally, I let the Crocs air dry. This method, refined through years of experience, will ensure your Crocs look their best.

From what I do, shoe cleaners are the ideal choice for cleaning Crocs LiteRide. I also rinse the Crocs under running water after washing them with a cleaning solution to ensure their cleanliness.

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VI. Top 6 Alternative Ways to Clean Your Crocs!

Now that you’ve understood how to clean your crocs conventionally, I shall tell you some secret alternative methods that also work wonderfully!

#1 How to clean stained Crocs

how to clean crocs

Just like any other footwear, Crocs also get stained after a while. Of course, those spots make your Crocs look unflattering. To get rid of those, here are some ingredients or kits to use for cleaning stained Crocs.

Cleaning Crocs with Magic Erasers

As an expert in cleaning Crocs based on my experience, I highly recommend using a magic erasers to effectively remove stains from various surfaces. Here’s how I clean stained Crocs with a magic eraser:

  • To begin with, I’ll start by wetting a piece of the magic eraser with water.
  • Then, I’ll scrub it on the stained area of the Crocs until it’s clean.
  • After removing the stains, I’ll rinse the Crocs with cold water to get rid of any grains that come off from the magic eraser.
  • Finally, I’ll let the Crocs air dry in a well-ventilated area.

Based on my extensive experience, I can confidently say that this guide works wonders without much hassle. Magic erasers are indeed a lifesaver when you need to quickly clean your Crocs, and they are suitable for a wide range of Croc colors, from colorful to darker shades.

Removing Stains Using Bleach

If the stains are too stubborn to remove or your Crocs are filthy, you can try using bleach. The following is the step-by-step on how to clean stained Crocs with bleach, according to my experience.

  • To start the guide, I’ll begin by washing my Crocs with soapy water, ensuring I remove any surface dirt.
  • In a separate bucket, I dilute 5 ml of bleach with 5 liters of water, creating a cleaning solution.
  • Then, I submerge my Crocs into the bleach-water mixture, making sure they are fully immersed.
  • To prevent them from floating to the surface, I weigh down the Crocs with something heavy.
  • After that, I allow them to sit in the mixture for about 2 hours, ensuring the bleach effectively cleans and disinfects.
  • After the soaking time, I rinse my Crocs thoroughly with cold water to remove any residual bleach.
  • Finally, I leave them to air dry completely. This method ensures that my Crocs are not only clean but also disinfected and ready to wear.

I suggest using bleach only for cleaning dirty or yellowing white Crocs because the bleach might cause discoloration to your colorful Crocs. From my own experience, it’s best to use bleach in a well-ventilated area to prevent respiratory problems. 

#2 How to clean Crocs with baking soda

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Baking soda is one of the most popular ingredients for cleaning. The alkaline nature of baking soda is perfect for absorbing odor and breaking stains easily. This versatile holy grail is perfect for cleaning any dirty spots and stains on your lovely Crocs, as well as deodorizing them and giving them a refreshing scent.

In my experience, cleaning Croc with baking soda is quite straightforward. Here’s how to do it.

  • I start by dampening a clean towel or cloth with cold water. You can use paper towels if you don’t have one.
  • Then, I dab the wet cloth into a container filled with baking soda, ensuring it’s well-coated. I start scrubbing the Crocs thoroughly, making sure to clean them inside and out.
  • After the scrubbing is complete, I rinse the Crocs in cold water to remove any remaining baking soda residue. Finally, I let them air dry naturally.

You can also create a paste by mixing the baking soda with water and then just following the same process. I’ve tried both methods, and I must say that it’s more effective to scrub the Crocs with baking soda paste because the grains won’t get wasted

#3 How do you clean Crocs with dish soap?

Here’s our tutorial on how to clean Crocs with dish soap.

  • Start rinsing my Crocs to remove any noticeable chunks of dirt.
  • In a small container, I’ll mix water with a few drops of dish soap until it creates bubbles.
  • Armed with a sturdy brush, I’ll dip it into the cleaning solution and start working on the dirty surface of the Crocs. For those hard-to-reach small nooks and crevices, I find using a toothbrush to be highly effective.
  • After the initial scrub, I’ll rinse the Crocs thoroughly. If I notice any remaining dirty spots, I don’t hesitate to repeat the scrubbing process until they’re clean to my satisfaction.
  • Finally, I’ll allow the Crocs to air dry completely. I usually opt for a fan to accelerate the drying.

In my experience, the dish soap does an excellent job of removing oily stains and grime from my Crocs. To speed up the process, I wrapped the Crocs with clean towels and put them in front of a fan. 

#4 Can I clean my Crocs with detergent?

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You can clean Crocs with detergent, although I suggest using mild ones like dish soap so you don’t damage the material. I’ve tested this method, and the result is very similar to using a shoe cleaner. Here’s the tutorial on how to clean Crocs with detergent.

  • I begin by washing my Crocs under running tap water to remove dirt. This helps get rid of the initial layer of grime.
  • In a separate bowl, I mix detergent with water until the water turns soapy. This creates a cleaning solution.
  • I then soak the Crocs in the cleaning solution and start scrubbing the dirt and stains off with a brush. I make sure to scrub them thoroughly, especially focusing on the stained areas to ensure a deep clean.
  • After I’m satisfied with the cleaning, I rinse the Crocs with running water to remove any remaining soap residue, and I pat them dry with a clean towel.
  • To complete the process, I leave the Crocs to air dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight. This ensures they dry evenly and maintain their quality.

After some trials and errors, my Crocs are now squeaky clean and look brand new. In my case, I prefer using a liquid detergent that can be mixed with water easily compared to powdered ones. 

VII. How to clean Crocs in a washer

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Besides cleaning manually, you can put the Crocs in the washer and let the machine do the job. I have to say that using a washer is less troublesome compared to cleaning by hand. Here are our easy steps to clean Crocs in a washer safely.

  • Fill the washer with cold water not more than 30 degrees Celcius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). After that, I’ll add some laundry detergent.
  • Put the Crocs inside a laundry bag or pillowcase. I always do that to prevent their shape to change. Throw the bag in along with some old towels to balance the machine and prevent excessive banging that can make Crocs deformed.
  • Run on the gentle cycle and disable the drying and spinning to avoid damage.
  • Take the Crocs out and allow them to air dry entirely.

VIII. Pros & Cons of Cleaning Crocs Manually & Using a Washing Machine

The best way to clean Crocs, according to their official website, is either by cleaning them manually or using a washer. I’ll list below some pros and cons of cleaning Crocs in both ways.

a. Cleaning manually pros & cons

By using your hands, you can clean more thoroughly and ensure no spots are leftIt’s not recommended for people who have allergies to some specific chemical substances
You have control over how strong you should scrub themQuite troublesome and messy
Keeping the Crocs’ life longerIt takes a lot of time

b. Cleaning with washer pros & cons

Hassle-free and no mess.Risk of being deformed due to excessive tumbling.
Perfect for cleaning super filthy and grungy Crocs.You must set it to the lowest temperature so the Crocs won’t be damaged or shrink.

I prefer to clean Crocs by handwashing because it’s much safer, and I can ensure all parts are clean. But again, it’s up to your preference and the main material of your Crocs!

IX. Do’s and Don’ts 

Clean the Crocs if they’re getting too dirty and grungy.Avoid drying Crocs under direct sunlight to prevent shrinking and warping.
Use a premium brush to clean Crocs without leaving scratches or damage.Don’t put Crocs with delicate materials in a washing machine.
Wear Crocs for casual activities, like strolling around.Don’t wear Crocs when it’s flooding because they’ll get soggy after a long time in the water.

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X. Questions and Answers

1. Does Crocs Shine work?

Yes, Crocs Shine works well in terms of restoring the brilliance of your footwear to look brand new. Apply a layer of Crocs Shine on the surface with the existing sponge to the Crocs, then wipe the excess with either dry paper towels or clean washcloths. From my own experience, you’ll need to wash them prior to applying the Crocs Shine because this polish doesn’t function as a cleaning agent.

2. How to clean smelly Crocs?

To clean smelly Crocs, especially for leather and fuzzy ones, you can sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the footbed and leave for overnight. Brush the excess off by knocking them or use a vacuum to suck them up. I feel satisfied with the result of testing this hack. It is impressive!

Although Croslite materials are odor resistant, there’s still a chance the classic Crocs might smell funky. If you’re having this problem, relax your nerves! Here’s what I do to get rid of the unpleasant smell from my foam Crocs. In a small bowl, mix equal parts of baking soda, white vinegar, and water until they form a thick paste. Using a toothbrush, dab the mixture and work on the footbed in a circular motion. Let the paste sit and dry, then rinse them with cold water and allow your Crocs to dry.

3. Can I soak my Crocs in vinegar?

You don’t have to soak Crocs in vinegar to get rid of the unpleasant smell. From my experiment, spraying vinegar and water mixture into the Crocs footbed is enough to remove bad smells.

4. How do you clean Crocs fast?

If you need to clean Crocs fast, here are my best recommendations.

#1 Wet wipes

All you have to do is get one or two wet wipes and wipe the dirty area off from your Crocs. In my case, cleaning Crocs with wet wipes is very effective, especially when you’re going outside and accidentally stepping on animal waste.

#2 Magic eraser

True to its name, magic erasers work in removing scuff marks in your Crocs. Simply wet them with water and scrub the dirty area with the dampened sponge. You can either rinse the excess or wipe them off with a tissue. In my opinion, cleaning Crocs with magic erasers is not as simple as using wet wipes, but the results are much better.

XI. Conclusion

In a nutshell, it’s necessary to take care of your Crocs in order to extend their lifetime and make them look as if you just bought them from the store yesterday. Either using a washer or cleaning Crocs by hand, it’s up to your preference! For the cleaning agent, you’re free to choose either eco-friendly home ingredients or manufactured detergents specialized for cleaning Crocs.