The Blake for Blake Lively by Christian Louboutin

We already know Blake Lively and Christian Louboutin are BFF’s. Yesterday, Blake announced on the ‘Live with Regis & Kelly’ show back in September 2010 that Christian Louboutin named a shoe after her. She said “I want to sleep with it under my pillow every night.”

Now we finally see the style, here it is; meet the Blake:

What do you think? The Blake is a stiletto patent leather mule featuring rainbow colored straps. Personally it’s not my favorite Louboutin design but nevertheless if Louboutin named a shoe after me, I’d take it! Blake has yet to wear this shoe to any event…

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11 thoughts on “The Blake for Blake Lively by Christian Louboutin”

  1. I love them. The shoes are gorge, love the colours – which i think matches her personality! and also kind of different for a Louboutin shoe i.e no platforms. Glad to see that they made the shoe more sturdier and substantial cos when I saw the 1st pic last yr it looked very fragile.

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