What Color Shoes to Wear With a Pink Dress

What Color Shoes With a Pink Dress

Regardless of what’s in style at the moment, pink dresses will always be in fashion. Pink can range from delicate to vivacious. It’s a ladylike color that shows some personality. You’ll stand out from the crowd when everyone else is wearing a little black dress. However, pink is classic and timeless. Depending on the shade, you can wear a pink dress to work or a wedding. But what shoes do you pair with it?

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Pink Dress

You might be tempted to seek out the perfect shade of pink to match your dress. In fact, some women dye white satin shoes to the same hue as the dress. That’s not necessary.

If you wear the same shade of pink from head to toe, you might end up looking juvenile (or like a puff of cotton candy). Shoes should complement the outfit so that they don’t compete. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to be the same tone.

There are dozens of options for what color shoes to wear with a pink dress. Your final choice should depend on your style and personality, the shade of the dress, and the event that you’re attending.


You can certainly wear white shoes with a pink dress. It’s an easy pairing, and you don’t have to worry about getting the color just right.

However, the style of dress and shoe are essential to keep in mind. If your dress is uniquely feminine and you wear standard, round-toed pumps, you could end up looking like Barbie. The same goes for wearing white shoes with a pink polka-dotted dress.

That may be the style that you’re going for. It’s incredibly girly and flirty. It also has a 1950s vibe. If you want to modernize your look, choose a different style than a pump.

Stiletto ankle boots are unexpected and just as sexy as pumps. They’re modern and urban. You should wear them with contemporary, bold pink dresses. If your dress is form-fitting, has sequins, or drips with fringe, high-heeled white boots would look incredible. It’s an ideal outfit for a cocktail party or night out with the girls in the city.

You can wear white shoes with any shade of pink. If you don’t want to stand out too much, choose a pale pink dress.

Do you want to be extremely casual? Throw on a pink sweater dress with bright white sneakers. Leave the socks off so that you don’t look like a cheerleader. Accessorize with a hoodie and sunglasses.

If the weather is warm, consider wearing white strappy sandals. You can also pair a pink dress with white flats. That makes you look dainty, like a fairy or ballerina.


Dark neutrals, such as black, navy, and charcoal, can all be paired with pink dresses. Black is a stark contrast to pale pink and matches hot pink’s crispness. Like white shoes, black can look a little cartoonish when paired with certain styles of pink dresses. If you choose black shoes, make sure that they have some edge if you want to look on-trend.

For example, instead of basic black patent-leather pumps, wear something with a kitten heel and cutout. If you feel like black is too big of a contrast with the pink dress, choose a shoe with less coverage. In other words, look for sandals with just a few narrow straps.

Navy shoes have the same appeal as black, but they’re less harsh. They’re also more fashion-forward because they’re a little unexpected. When paired with light pink, navy shoes are preppy and classic. When you wear them with more vibrant pinks, such as fuchsia, navy shoes are a little sassy. Put them on with a dark magenta dress to show off the gemstone quality of the hues.

Don’t pair a black purse with navy shoes, though. Nudes and metallics would be the way to go here.

Charcoal gray looks especially sophisticated with baby pink and dusty rose. You could even get away with lighter shadowy shades. Just try to keep the shoe color darker than the shade of the dress if you choose dark neutrals.

That rule doesn’t apply if you wear light-colored neutral shoes, though. We already discussed white shoes. Light tan is particularly perfect to wear with any shade of pink.

With a day dress, tie on a pair of suede bucks or desert boots. Beige sandals look great on tan skin in the summer. Any shade of blush or taupe complements a pink dress. Champagne is also an excellent option for light neutrals to wear with pink. Nude shoes are attractive with any shade of pink.

If you’re going shopping or to brunch, you can wear pumps in any neutral tone. Black is a little more forgiving when it doesn’t have a heel.


Metallics give a chic, adult look to a pink dress. They’re easy to wear, too. Gold, silver, and pewter all pop with pink.

Formal metallic shoes, such as pumps and stilettos, glam up an evening dress. However, you can be fun and casual with glittery flats or strappy sandals. You might want to skip this look if you’re going to work, but a subtle metallic satin shoe would be conservative enough for a business-casual environment.

For a flirtier look, pair metallic wedges or platforms with a vintage pink dress. Hoop earrings are a must if you go this route.

Pair this style with a neutral shoulder bag or clutch. Nude, black and white would work well.

Shocking Color

If you’re going to be daring enough to wear a juicy pink dress, you might as well keep the style fresh. One of the best ways to look young and sophisticated at the same time is to wear brightly colored shoes in just about any hue.

Every color of the rainbow works in this situation. Select fun colors, such as teal, lime green, or tangerine. You are in no way meant to look as though it was supposed to match.

Another great vibrant color is anything in a neon tone. If it glows under a black light, it will look great with bold pink.

To pull off this look, make sure that the shoes and dress are equally vibrant. If you’re wearing a fuchsia dress, pull on electric purple footwear. To wear this look with lighter pinks, choose softer shades, like peach or mint green.

You don’t have to follow these rules. Sometimes, brighter shoes look great with lighter pinks. Too many pastels can make you look like an Easter egg. Go with what feels right for you.

This is definitely a look that must suit the occasion. You probably wouldn’t wear shoes this colorful to a black-tie affair. It would be perfect for brunch or a bachelorette party, though.

If you’re afraid of showing so much color, start small. Buy some lively flip flops this summer, and wear them with your pink sundress. Once you have the confidence to rock that, you can trade out the flip flops for pointy slingbacks in September.

Brown Leather

Brown leather and baby pink tones evoke a bohemian vibe. If you have a long, pink maxi dress, wear it with brown leather sandals or espadrilles.

A flowy, floral pink dress would also look perfect with ankle or lace-up boots. You could even throw on a pair of thick tights and a chunky cardigan to take the look into autumn. Throw on a daisy chain, and you’re ready for fall festivals.

You can take any shade of pink into the cooler months of the year by pairing them with brown leather knee boots. Dark chestnut and medium brown are perfect with light or deep rose hues. Beige suede boots would also look cozy in the winter.

You might even consider perking up the look even more by throwing on a thick brown belt that matches the shoes. A brown bag is another accessory that would complement this style.


You might think that burgundy and pink would clash. However, burgundy is so close to pink on the color wheel that it works. In some cases, hot pink looks burgundy when it gets wet. Burgundy is a saturated, dark version of pink.

By the same token, red and pink pair well. Depending on the vividness of the shade, these two colors can create a cacophony when they’re together. It’s a fun pairing that is fairly unexpected and fresh.

Red and burgundy look sophisticated and classic when they’re paired with blush and nude pink dresses. You could even throw on a red overcoat to complete the look. Red lipstick and basic black mascara would complement the simplicity of this style.


You can jazz up a pink dress by wearing it with almost any pattern. Doing this brings a funky feel to preppy plaid shoes. Animal prints also complement pink dresses. Snakeskin is particularly edgy and brings urban flair to the attire.

You can’t go wrong with black and white. Checks, gingham, stripes, florals, or soccer shoes would all pair well with a pink dress.

Stripes in any color liven up a pink dress and can even help make it look more casual. Sometimes, striped shoes lend a nautical vibe to your outfit. You can wear stripes in black and white, brown and white, beige and white, or any other combination.

Florals are perhaps the most predictable pattern to pair with a pink dress. But they don’t have to be frilly and flirty. You can find any style of shoe in just about any floral pattern. Flats and pumps both have enough surface area to showcase the design.

When you’re this bold with your shoes, you might want to choose a small handbag in one of the neutral tones on the footwear. For example, use a black clutch with checkered shoes or a white shoulder bag with zebra-print boots.

Satin Shoes

We’ll admit—satin is a material, not a color. However, it has such a distinct sheen that we thought we would include it in its own category.

White or brightly colored shoes can typically look stark, especially if they’re made of patent leather or anther reflective material. Satin softens the shade. It has a subtle resonance that retains its formality. If you’re choosing boldly colored shoes for a formal event, you might be more appropriate in satin than some other materials.

Even black satin shoes can soften this look. Otherwise, black is so dramatic. Black satin shoes are as delicate as a dancer, though.

Sporty and Lace-Up Shoes With Pink Dresses

Just because pink is feminine, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be sporty. You can add a youthful flair to many casual pink dresses with sneakers. Lace-up styles, like white tennis shoes or black-and-white Adidas soccer shoes, are easy to throw on for a day of sightseeing. The same types of shoes also look cute with floral or striped pink dresses.

Slip-on cotton shoes, such as some styles of Vans, also add a funky look. Don’t worry about coordinating the design with the dress. Do something unanticipated, and wear graffiti-patterned shoes with a pink dress. Even better, get someone to hand paint your white shoes for a custom style.

Oxfords With Pink Dresses

Menswear looks great when it’s paired with something feminine. That’s why oxfords look excellent with pink dresses. Brown and black work well. Brown is a softer option.

This is a great time to break out your oxblood or burgundy oxfords, though. Another great choice is a two-toned wingtip. Black and white shoes make a pink dress look sharp.

Most people choose to wear tights or go sockless with this type of outfit. You might be able to get away with wearing socks, but it could make you look like a schoolgirl.

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What Shoes to Wear With Formal Pink Dresses

In this article, we’ve talked a lot about having fun with a pink dress. You should always enjoy what you wear. However, sometimes, you have to scale back the funkiness.

For example, what would you wear to a formal wedding if you were the bride’s mother? Blush, mauve and dusty rose dresses are popular for these occasions. But you might have trouble choosing the right shoes.

Metallics are almost always the best option. You don’t have to go for glaring gold. Look for muted shades that aren’t overly shiny.

You can go with gold, silver, metallic black or gunmetal. If your dress is embellished with jewels, look at the base tone. If it’s silver, go with silver accessories. If it’s gold, go with gold. Beige metallic shoes go with almost everything.

If you don’t like or can’t find metallic shoes, nude is another simple option. You can’t go wrong by choosing nude with almost any shade of pink for formalwear. Sometimes, white works, but it’s not always the ideal option.

What Color Boots to Wear With Pink Dresses

We discussed brown leather boots briefly above. They’re earthy and natural and can have a boho flair. But they can also look urban or business-like.

Consider a mauve or light pink dress. Put on a gray blazer and gray suede boots to go to work. Exchange the blazer for a bolero when you go out afterward.

Take the same dress and pair it with black, thigh-high boots and a leather jacket. Do you see how you can alter your look so quickly just by changing your boots?

A cute, flirty, and down-to-earth way to accessorize a casual pink dress is with suede booties. They’re easy to wear, and they’re comfortable. In a light tan color, they’re perfect for summer or winter.

What Color Tights or Hose With a Pink Dress

Nude legs are always in style. But in the winter, you might want to add a layer of hose or tights to keep your thighs warm.

Sheer, black pantyhose look great with the following color shoes:

  • Black
  • White
  • Shocking color
  • Brown leather
  • Burgundy
  • Patterns
  • Boots

If you’re wearing boots, you can pull on chunky tights in a similar tone. If you’re wearing charcoal boots, cover your legs with light gray tights. Wear charcoal tights with black boots. Wearing brown tights with brown boots may be too much. You might be able to get away with gray or burgundy.

There aren’t many shoe colors that you shouldn’t wear with a pink dress. The safest options are nude, black, and metallic. If you’re going to brunch and are in doubt, throw on your black flats. If you want to look like a ballerina, grab lace-up or gladiator sandals. The latter will give you a warrior-ballerina edge.

If you’re not afraid to show off, choose shoes in shocking colors and contrasting patterns. The goal here is to look like you just threw something on, and it came together magically.

Always keep in mind the atmosphere of the occasion. Formal events usually inspire subtle footwear options. As you get more casual, you can move into bolder looks and break some boundaries. Whatever you choose, you’ll stand out in a crowd.