How To Clean Adidas Shoes (Tips, Tricks, Do’s & Dont’s)

Anybody can own a pair of expensive rare Adidas, given that you have the money. But not everyone knows how to clean their Adidas shoes properly! Keeping your shoes spotless is actually not as easy as it sounds. There are ways to make them fresh for longer, and certain washing methods will ensure that your shoes will last longer. And so, on this occasion, I shall share some of my expertise and experiences on how to do it the right way. You can try my tips and tricks below to get your Adidas sparkling new!

Why do people choose Adidas?

Before I jump into how to clean Adidas shoes, I’m gonna answer a few questions related to Adidas. First, why do people choose Adidas? There are plenty of reasons why people choose Adidas as their trusty footwear. As you might know, this three-stripes brand is one of the most popular sportswear in the world. From athletes and public figures to the average Joe, wear this Germany-based footwear. The products from Adidas are excellent in design and comfort, thus attracting more people to pick Adidas as their choice. In addition, the durability and quality of Adidas never disappoint. Also, Adidas footwear varies and fulfills each user’s needs.

What makes Adidas different from its competitors?

I believe that Adidas has specific points that make the brand looks different from its competitors. The brand has numerous strategies that reach people’s diverse needs and always innovates to create something new. Moreover, Adidas manufactures plenty of light-weighted and comfy sportswear only the brand can do. They sure know how to hire expert designers and researchers to create comfy shoes!

How many types of Adidas shoes are there?

There are more than 600 types of Adidas shoes that exist to this day. The shoes range from men to women and kids. Not only that, but the brand also creates numerous sports shoes. Some of them are running shoes, tennis shoes, soccer shoes, baseball shoes, and plenty more.

How to clean Adidas shoes according to Adidas

Before you try my secret shoe-cleaning tips, you may want to learn how to do it the official way. On their website, Adidas has explained how to clean our three-stripes shoes, both manually or using a washing machine. The following is their tutorial for cleaning sneakers by hand.

  1. Remove the excess dirt off the sole by knocking them, then use a toothbrush to scrub the remaining.
  2. Take the shoelaces and insoles (if they’re removable) off and set them aside.
  3. Mix a liquid laundry detergent with warm water, then dip a washcloth. Start wiping the stain with the now damp washcloth.
  4. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles if you need to scrub the stain away. Rinse the washcloth, then use it to remove the excess soapsuds.
  5. Soak the shoelaces in soapy water for 10 minutes, then rinse them.
  6. Clean the insoles gently with a soft brush or a damp cloth.
  7. Take a sponge and pat the insole dry, then pour some baking soda to remove odors and absorb excess water.
  8. Let your shoes, insoles, and shoelaces air dry at room temperature overnight. 
  9. Dust the excess baking soda off from the insole, then put them back.
  10. Put the shoelaces back as well, and your shoes are ready to be shown off.

And here are step-by-steps on cleaning Adidas shoes with the help of a washing machine.

  1. Start wiping the shoe’s surface with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. 
  2. Scrap off any dirt build-ups on the sole with a plastic knife, then scrub it gently with soapy water (a mix of water and liquid detergent or dish soap). Rinse the sole with cold water.
  3. Remove the shoelaces and insole (if possible), then put the shoes into a laundry bag. In a separate laundry bag, put the insole and shoelaces and put them both in a washing machine.
  4. Run the wash cycle with cold water and gentle speed. You can add laundry detergent for extra cleanliness. Wait until the cycle is done.
  5. Take the laundry bags out and let the shoes, insoles, and shoelaces air dry. To speed up the drying process and maintain the shoe’s shape, stuff it with absorbing mediums (newspaper sheets, paper towels, or clean cloths).
  6. After your shoes are dry, unstuff them and assemble back the shoe parts.

Based on my extensive experience, Adidas’ official cleaning methods do work really well. I do recommend these methods if you are just a casual shoe owner. However, if you are a show nerd like me, I believe that you might want to try my alternative ways because it’s fun to experiment with, and they will make your pair even fresher!

Cleaning shoe tips

How to clean Adidas

Here are some useful tips you can take note of before cleaning your favorite footwear.

  1. Use a liquid detergent to clean your shoes. It’s cheap and readily available. But, the powdered ones aren’t ideal because the granules can get stuck inside the shoes.
  2. I do not recommend fabric softeners as they leave residues that cause your shoes to attract more dirt!
  3. When cleaning your shoes in a washer, be sure to put them in a laundry bag to avoid the shoes from scratches and damage. You can add some towels inside the washer to balance the load and protect the shoes from banging.
  4. Read the shoe care instruction before cleaning to ensure that it’s safe to wash your Adidas with a washing machine.
  5. Never dry your shoes under direct sunlight because they might be discolored or shrink. 
  6. Don’t use a dryer for your shoes, as high heat leads to warping soles and shrinking shoes.
  7. Placing a cotton towel inside the shoes can help them dry faster and maintain their shape.

How to clean Adidas

Cleaning shoe tips

Deemed the second largest sports apparel brand in the world behind Nike, it’s easy to spot people wearing Adidas shoes. You can find the iconic three-stripe footwear both for sports occasions, primarily for tennis, baseball, and soccer, or casual events. As the brand’s popularity rises, people start wearing Adidas shoes on daily basis, and maybe you’re one of them.

Just like any other branded item, and if you are a fan of this brand just like me, you need to take good care of your Adidas shoes. Some people like them pristine, spotless, and well-kept, while others just being fine with a scuffed and grungy look on their shoes. If you want to keep your shoes looking brand new, you should definitely follow my detailed method to keep them pristine. Continue reading to see our easy guide on how to clean Adidas sneakers.

1. Cleaning kit and their functions

  • Shoe cleaner

The shoe cleaner is the most necessary kit for cleaning. As the name implies, it specializes in cleaning your footwear.

  • Apron

While cleaning shoes, it’s also important to keep your clothes clean from soapsuds and dirt. Use an apron to protect yourself from the mess. And, if you have sensitive skin, you will thank me later for suggesting that wearing an apron is necessary when you clean your Adidas. Some shoe cleaners can irritate your skin, after all.

  • Premium brush

A premium brush is perfect for rubbing the dirt and stains off the upper shoes. The brush’s bristles are from soft animal hair, perfect for cleaning various materials such as canvas, suede, leather, synthetic leather, mesh, knit, nubuck, and others. Professional shoe cleaners and collectors would definitely not mess around with their brush selection because they do not want to risk scratching their beloved Adidas.

  • Medium brush

Another brush you’ll need for cleaning shoes is a medium brush. Also known as the all-purpose brush, it has sturdy and strong bristles that can scrub any dirt and stains left on the midsole. Again, be mindful when you select your brush because you do not want to leave nicks on your Adidas shoes.

  • Standard brush

The next one is a standard brush used for cleaning the sole. The bristles of this brush are strong and perfect for removing dirt, and other particles stuck on the outsole. You can be more liberal when you select this brush. In fact, I recommend a good strong one because those soles would be filthy and need some serious (but not too hard) scrubbings.

  • Small brush or toothbrush

Don’t forget about cleaning the inside of your shoes! A small brush or a toothbrush can do the perfect job cleaning the narrow and reach every crevice and nook of the shoes.

  • Microfiber cloth

A microfiber cloth does a perfect job in wiping off the dirt and soapsuds after you scrub the shoes. You can use any clean cloth you have to replace this, but the result might differ. This is because microfiber cloths have great water absorbance and are more durable compared to other cloths.

  • Shoe trees

You’ll also need a pair of shoe trees, the foot-like devices placed inside the shoes. Shoe trees help keep your shoe structure, prevent creases, and extend the shoe’s lifetime.

  • Washbowl

Use a washbowl as a container for mixing water with the shoe cleaner. I think it is better to have a dedicated bowl, so you don’t get some chemical contamination.

  • Shoe perfume

The final kit is a shoe perfume that gives a nice fragrance and refreshing scent to your newly-cleaned shoes. But be careful when you choose your perfume because some chemicals may react poorly with the shoe materials. I will tell you this right now so you won’t repeat the same mistake that I made!

2. Using the suitable kit for each shoe part

  • Upper shoe

The upper part of the shoe is made of delicate material. Thus, using a premium brush for cleaning the surface is the best choice. The soft bristles are perfect for this job, as it without leave scratches. You can also use a small brush to remove dirt, dust, and stains from the upper shoe.

  • Midsole

Located at the lower side of the shoe, the midsole often gets scratched and scuffed from usage. Besides that, the area caught so much dirt and stains. To make the midsole shiny again, use a medium brush to scrub off the grime.

  • Outsole

You can find the outsole at the very bottom of the shoes. This part has direct contact with any surfaces you step on; thus, some dirt and other small particles get stuck. To remove them, use the strong and sturdy standard brush.

  • Insole

Now it’s the final part of the shoe. The insole functions as a cushioning inside the shoe and provides comfort to your foot. Use premium and small brushes (or toothbrushes) to clean the insole. Remove the insole before cleaning for an easier job, but don’t force remove the insole if it’s glued permanently.

3. How to clean Adidas Sneakers

  • Prepare your Adidas shoes for cleaning

Get a pair of dirty Adidas shoes for cleaning. I recommend that you inspect it first for damages, especially the seams and glued parts. If your shoes are falling apart, you may need to be extra careful when brushing so the damage won’t get worse.

  • Prepare the cleaning kit

The next step is preparing the cleaning kit. Get your shoe cleaner, apron, a set of brushes (premium, medium, standard, and small or toothbrush), microfiber cloth, a pair of shoe trees, washbowl, and shoe perfume ready.

  • Take shoelaces off the shoes

Before cleaning, take the shoelaces off the shoes first. In a separate bowl, pour a shoe cleaner and water together, then mix them until the water gets soapy. Soak the shoelaces in the solution, and wash them by hand. After the shoelaces are clean, squeeze them to let the water out and dry them with a microfiber cloth.

  • Put a shoe tree inside the shoe

Put a shoe tree in each of the shoes that keep the shoe’s structure and minimize the creases. This specialized tool and process set pros from casual Adidas owners. If you have a big collection of rare, expensive shoes, I really recommend that you own a shoe tree as it’ll ensure that your beloved shoes won’t get misshapen. But if you don’t, then this tool may not be worth it, so you can skip this step.

  • Dry cleaning

Now let’s dust the shoes off using dry brushes. Use a premium and medium brush to clean the upper and midsole area, respectively. The dry cleaning process is important to remove dust and dirt stuck on them before moving on with the water and shoe cleaner mixture.

  • Clean the outsole and midsole

The next step is cleaning the outsole and midsole, this time using the water and shoe cleaner mixture. Dip the standard brush into the cleaner mixture, then brush the outsole vigorously to remove dirt and small particles stuck in it. 

After that, change the brush to the medium one and start scrubbing the midsole off. Make sure you clean the area thoroughly, so you don’t miss any spots. Repeat the process as you need, and do not leave any spot go unnoticed!

  • Clean the insole

Take the insole out, then scrub the grime off with a premium brush. After done, let the insole dry and put it back inside. If your insole is unremovable, keep them inside and start cleaning with the same brush. As I’ve said before, don’t remove the insole because you might permanently damage it, and the glue won’t stick as strongly as before.

  • Clean the upper shoe

After that, use the premium brush to clean the upper shoe. Be gentle while scrubbing the area to avoid scratches and material damage. Wipe the soapsuds off with a microfiber cloth by tapping the surface and wait for the water to absorb.

  • Clean the inside
how to clean adidas shoes

To reach the narrow crevices and nook on the shoe inside, use a small brush (or toothbrush if you don’t have one) and start scrubbing. After that, wipe the excess soapsuds with a microfiber cloth. You can also use a premium brush to clean the shoe’s inside, but it’s not recommended to push and force to prevent damage.

  • Detailing
how to clean adidas shoes

Use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe the dirt off from small details of the shoes, like on the midsole or outsole. Casual shoe owners often overlook this step. But, I really think that it is important to be detailed when you clean your Adidas. This way, nothing gets overlooked.

  • Drying
how to clean adidas shoes

Dry the shoes with a fan, or let them air dry in a non-humid room. Shoe experts will tell you that you shouldn’t dry your shoes under direct sunlight unless if you don’t want to end up with discolored or loosening glue of the shoes. Dry the shoelaces and insoles as well.

  • Finishing 

After all shoe parts are clean and dry, put the insole and shoelaces back. Now your Adidas shoes look as good as new!

Do’s and don’ts for cleaning Adidas shoes


  • Clean your Adidas shoes gently so you won’t damage them.
  • Regularly clean your shoes at least once every month.
  • Use protector spray if needed to prevent dirt and stains from sticking to the shoes.


  • After cleaning, don’t let your shoes damp for a long time. Let them sit for air dry, or use a fan to speed up the drying process.
  • Don’t dry your shoes under direct sunlight because the color might be faded, and the glue can get loose.
  • Don’t wipe the shoes roughly so you won’t end up with scratches and damage.

Shoe care tips

  • Don’t store the shoes in a humid place

You might know that keeping your belongings in a humid environment can cause great damage, and that applies to your Adidas shoes. High water vapor can cause microorganisms’ growth to accelerate, leading to several issues, from molding and brittle fabrics to unpleasant odor and loosening glue. If you want your three-stripes shoes to last longer and still be in great condition, store them in a dry room.

  • Clean the shoes soon after being worn
Clean the shoes soon after being worn

It’s better to clean your shoes immediately after being worn. This is because the dirt and stains haven’t stuck on the surface for a longer time, thus are easier and quicker to be removed. Moreover, you don’t have to scrub the surface too hard, as they usually come off easily.

  • Put in some silica gel packs while storing shoes
Put in some silica gel packs while storing shoes

Humidity is something people can’t avoid, but you can reduce their impact on your favorite Adidas shoes by keeping some silica gel packs inside the shoes while they’re being kept. Silica gels are beneficial in absorbing unpleasant odors and excess water vapor existing in your shoes. From now on, don’t throw these little packs away! It is a neat trick that will make a big difference to your shoe quality.

  • Clean the shoes regularly to remove the dirt without the hassle
Clean the shoes regularly to remove the dirt without the hassle

As I’ve told you before, it’s much easier to remove the dirt and stains from the shoes if they haven’t stayed too long. On the other hand, cleaning your shoes too often might have a long-term impact on them. Overwashing may lead to the glue failing over time. To solve this kind of issue, you can wash your Adidas shoes at least once every month to prevent overwashing while still easy to be cleaned.

  • Avoid wearing shoes in bad weather
Put in some silica gel packs while storing shoes

Uncertain weather is another contributing factor that can reduce your shoe’s life. You won’t risk damaging your canvas shoes by wearing them during heavy rain because the water might seep through and loosen the glue. The same goes for leather ones, which get dehydrated and cracked on hot days. To avoid this issue, use shoes that suit the weather best.

  • Pay attention to the shoe materials
Desain tanpa judul

Last but not least, it’s also important to understand what your shoes are made of. You can’t throw a pair of suede or leather shoes inside a washer, or you’ll end up with a pair of sad, damaged Adidas shoes. Different shoe materials also mean that you need to take care of them in different ways. Always read the shoe care manual or instructions to understand the best way to clean them.

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Question and Answers

Can you wash Adidas shoes in the washing machine

Yes, you can put your Adidas in the washer for easier cleaning. Note that this only works for shoes from canvas, synthetic leather, rubber, plastic, and knit. The following is how to clean your three-stripes shoes in the washer, taken from Adidas’ website.

  • Remove the shoelaces and put them in a laundry bag, so they don’t get tangled. If the insole is removable, put them aside as well.
  • Brush dirt and dust off the shoes gently.
  • Throw your shoes into another laundry bag.
  • Pour a little liquid detergent, then wash them with gentle speed and cold water. Wait until the washing cycle is finished.
  • Always air-dry your shoes to prevent discoloring or shrinking. Put a cotton towel in each shoe to absorb extra moisture, as well as retain the shoe’s shape.
  • When it’s done, put the insole and shoelaces back, and your Adidas look clean and crisp.

How do you get stains out of Adidas?

To get the stains out of your beloved Adidas, use a damp microfiber cloth and start wiping the stained area until they’re gone. Alternatively, also use a clean cloth, soaked into the soapy water first, then do the same process.

Can I soak my shoes in baking soda?

No, it’s not recommended to soak your shoes in baking soda as the abrasive chemical on it can damage the shoe’s materials. The higher your shoe price is, the more it costs to take care of them. Get a shoe cleaner instead to clean them to prevent damage caused by improper maintenance. 

What can I clean my shoes with at home?

Besides shoe cleaners, there are many cleaning agents you can use to clean shoes at home. Use a liquid laundry detergent for the substitute and do the semi-dry cleaning. You can also put the shoes inside a laundry bag and let the washer do the job.

How do you clean sports shoes without water? 

To clean sports shoes without water, you can do dry cleaning. You can dry scrub it and use a wet tissue to wipe some stains. Even so, the results might not be as perfect as cleaning shoes with water.

What is the best homemade cleaner for Adidas shoes?

There are some of the best homemade cleaners for your Adidas shoes listed below:

  • Baking soda and vinegar

Mix well baking soda, vinegar, and warm water (one part each) until form a thick paste. Put the paste on the shoe’s surface and start scrubbing gently in a circular motion with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Let them dry for about 10 to 15 minutes, then shake the paste off by knocking the shoes with each other. Wipe the remaining dry paste, and your Adidas shoes now look awesome!

  • Toothpaste

Squeeze the toothpaste tube, and layer the stained or dirty area. Take a soft-bristle toothbrush and rub it in a circular motion until the dirt and stains are lifted. Wipe the excess with a clean cloth to show off the clean shoes. Repeat the process if needed.

  • Dish soap

In a small bowl, mix a few drops of dish soap with warm water. Take a toothbrush, then dip it into the solution and scrub the dirty shoe gently in a circular motion. Take a clean cloth, then wipe the excess suds to reveal your clean three-stripes shoes.

  • Liquid detergent

Mix liquid detergent with water until it gets soapy. Dip your toothbrush into the mixture, and start cleaning the shoes by scrubbing the dirty and stained area. Wipe the suds and repeat the process until the dirt and stains are no more.


In summary, you can follow the official Adidas cleaning direction to keep your shoes fresh. It is perfect if you just want to quickly wash your casual shoes. However, if you are open to adventures and like to pay attention to details, you may follow my comprehensive guide instead!

The key to thoroughly cleaning your Adidas shoes is to prepare the correct tools for the correct parts, follow the instruction step-by-step, and pay attention to the post-cleaning procedures (especially the shoe care tips). There is no cutting corner, as you should clean even the smallest, tightest crevices and be gentle, so you do not damage your Adidas shoes in the cleaning process.

If you carefully follow my tips and tricks above, not only will your Adidas shoes be sparkly clean, but they will also smell nicer, stay pristine longer, and won’t break as easily! Do not hesitate to follow the alternative methods as well, and try them at home to see how effective they are!