Do Vans Run Big or Small? (All You Need To Know)

Do Vans Run Big or Small

Are you considering Vans for skateboarding or just for daily errands? Choosing the right size is key to enjoying these versatile shoes. If you’re new to Vans, you might be curious about do vans run big or small? Getting the perfect fit is crucial for comfort and wearability. Read on to discover more about finding the right size in Vans shoes.

Do Vans Run Big or Small? Or Are Vans True to Size?

do vans run big or small
Do Vans Run Big or Small?

Vans typically run true to size, so you usually won’t need to size up or down. However, the fit can differ based on the specific shoe style and your foot shape. Some people find Vans snugger than other casual shoes, so if you prefer a looser fit, consider trying a size larger. Since everyone’s feet and preferences differ, and opinions on fit can vary, the best way to find your perfect Vans size is to try on a few different styles and sizes yourself.

General Sizing Guide for Vans Shoes

do vans run big or small
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Whenever I am confused in choosing the right size for my Vans, I’ll take a measuring tape or ruler. My tip is to measure both feet with the measurement tools.

Place a piece of paper on the floor, stand on it, and trace the outline of your foot. I’ll generally measure the tip of the big toe to the back of my heel in both inches and centimeters. After that, I refer to Vans’ sizing chart which you can check below.

Vans are generally run to true size, but it depends on the style. For the slip-ons, they offer a snug fit while lace-up models allow for more room.

Comparing Vans Sizing to Other Brands

Here’s a comparison chart to guide you in choosing the right size of Vans shoes. But, I shall remind you that the size depends on your foot structure and shape.

So, you better measure your feet before referring to the chart.

1. Men’s Vans Sizing Comparison to Other Brands

56.5557 – 6.55.57
77.57.577.5 – 8.5
88888 – 8.5
8.588 – 8.58.5 – 98 – 8.5
109 – 9.510109.5
10.59 – 9.510 – 10.510.59.5
119 – 9.5111110
1210.51111.510 – 11

2. Women’s Vans Sizing Comparison to Other Brands

5.55.554 – 5.56
6.5666.5 – 76.5
7.56.5 – 77 – 7.576.5
87.587.57 – 7.5
8.58 – 8.58 – 8.587 – 7.5
9.58.5 – 99.5 – 108.58.5
10.510119 – 9.59.5
11.511 – 11.512 – 12.511 – 11.510
1212131210 – 11

Should You Order Normal Sizing for Vans Sneakers?

do vans run big or small
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Personally, I find that Vans generally runs true to size. Nonetheless, it may vary depending on the models you choose. If you have a wider foot and prefer slip-on shoes, I recommend you buy a larger size that offers more room for your feet.

On the other hand, those who adore snug-fit footwear will go for true size or smaller one. Either way, I advise you to measure your foot first to ensure you purchase the right, most comfortable shoes to wear.

Should Vans Shoes Fit Tight or Loose?

do vans run big or small
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Following my experience in wearing Vans, I think Vans shoes should ideally have a snug fit yet be comfortable to wear. This snug-fit feature allows better stability and support for your daily activities and even extreme sports, like skateboarding.

But, I don’t recommend choosing the Vans with no room for your feet as it may lead to discomfort and worse, may potentially harm yours.

Are Vans Wide Fit or Narrow?

do vans run big or small
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Compared to other brands, I think Vans has a wider fit, making it a perfect shoe for those with broader feet. People love Vans shoes due to their laid-back style and comfortable wear.

However, I must say that individuals with narrower feet may choose Vans with medium width. Though it leaves some room, they can wear thick shocks to make the shoes fit.

Vans Custom Shoes

Ordering custom Vans is a great solution for a perfect fit, especially if you have wide feet and find regular sizes too tight. Customization allows you to choose the design, style, and size that suits you best, making it a worthwhile investment for comfort and frequent wear. If you’re new to Vans, consider trying on a standard pair first to get a feel for their look and comfort before opting for a custom pair.

Sizing for Vans Slip-Ons

do vans run big or small
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Vans Slip-Ons generally fit true to size. You can start by trying your regular shoe size. These shoes are designed to be comfortable yet snug, especially since they’re slip-on and need to stay securely on your feet. By choosing your regular size, you’ll likely find they offer enough traction for walking without feeling too tight.

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Sizing for Vans Old Skool

do vans run big or small
Sizing for Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool shoes, suitable for skating or casual wear, generally fit true to size but may feel snug at first, especially for new Vans wearers. They’re comfortable enough for various activities. If you’re comfortable in a pair of Vans Slip-Ons, the same size should work well in the Old Skool style. Available in different colors, they’re great for coordinating with skate attire. If you prefer more space in your shoes, consider sizing up for extra comfort and to avoid any foot discomfort.

Sizing for Vans Sk8-Hi

The Vans Sk8-Hi, known for its snug fit, is designed to stay secure during activities like skating or walking. However, due to its high-top design, it might feel tight around the ankles. If you have wide feet, consider sizing up, as the toe box can be narrow, potentially crowding your toes. Generally, your regular shoe size should work well with Sk8-Hi, offering good traction for skating and various other activities.

Sizing for Vans Authentic

The Vans Authentic style offers a snug yet true-to-size fit, ideal for its intended use in skating. The snugness ensures the shoes stay on securely while skating. Over time, as you break them in, they tend to become more comfortable. For those with wide feet or needing extra room, custom ordering is an option, allowing for a better fit without having to opt for a longer shoe size. This design provides comfort for daily activities, making it a practical choice.

Sizing for Vans Era

Sizing for Vans Era
Sizing for Vans Era

Vans Era shoes are true to size but feel snugger than other styles due to extra padding. While the external size matches other models, the inside may feel tighter. If you usually wear thick socks or have larger feet, consider going a size up. It’s advisable to try them on first to ensure they fit well and meet your specific needs.

Sizing for Vans UltraRange EXO

On the other side of the Vans sizing spectrum, you’ll find the Vans UltraRange EXO. These shoes fit true to size like other Vans, but they’re a bit looser. You may also find the shoes aren’t as narrow as some other Vans styles.

If you have wide feet, they may fit without you having to order custom shoes. However, they aren’t the widest shoes in general.

Be sure to try the pair to see how it fits on your feet. Then, you can decide if you still want to order a custom pair or if you can get by with the regular sizing and width.

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Sizing for Vans EVDNT UltimateWaffle

Vans EVDNT UltimateWaffle shoes strike a nice balance in fit – they’re not as narrow as some other Vans models, but not overly wide either. This makes them comfortably roomy, perfect for those who don’t like their shoes too snug. Their design echoes Vans’ classic skate shoe style, but with a slightly looser fit, they’re great for casual wear, whether you’re just chilling at home or out running errands.

Generally, your usual shoe size should work well with the EVDNT UltimateWaffle. However, to be sure of a perfect fit, it’s a good idea to measure your feet and give them a try before making a decision.

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Vans Size Chart for Men and Women

Vans Size Chart for Men and Women

UKUS Men’sUS Women’sEUCM

Vans Size Chart for Youth



Ready to crack the code on Vans sizing? Many wonder if Vans run big or small, and here’s the scoop: Vans typically run true to size. That said, everyone’s feet are different, and personal preference plays a big role. If you’ve got wider feet, Vans might feel a bit snug, but if your feet are on the narrower side, you’re likely to find a great fit.

The best way to find your perfect pair is to try them on. Whether you’re a skateboarder or just love their classic street style, Vans offers comfort, versatility, and timeless fashion. So, get ready to step up your shoe game and express your unique style with Vans. Dive in and discover the perfect fit that’s waiting for you in the world of Vans.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will you buy a pair of Vans?

Vans are a hit with skaters and great for casual wear too. Before purchasing, it’s crucial to know your size. Women should note that Vans uses men’s sizing, so make sure to convert accordingly for the best fit. If you have wide feet, think about sizing up or opting for a custom pair to ensure all-day comfort in your Vans.

2. Are Vans shoes true to size?

It’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to Vans and their sizing. Some Vans lovers insist they fit true to size, while others find they run a bit small or large. Generally, Vans shoes start off snug, but as you wear them, the canvas material stretches and adapts to the shape of your feet, eventually offering a comfortable, personalized fit.

3. Can you wear Vans with wide feet?

Absolutely! Vans are a great choice for people with all kinds of foot widths, including those with wide feet. If that’s you, think about going half a size up or choosing Vans styles with more toe room, like the Era or Sk8-Hi. Experimenting with various styles and sizes is key to finding the Vans that fit your wide feet just right.