Do Vans Run Big or Small or True to Size?

Are you looking for a good pair of skate shoes or something to wear for running errands? Vans may be the right shoe brand for you, but you have to buy the right size.

If you’ve never worn Vans before, you may wonder if the shoes run big or small. That way, you can select the best size for your feet. Soon enough, you may not want to take the shoes off if they fit right and are comfortable.

Keep reading to learn more about Vans sizes.

Do Vans Run Big or Small? Or Are Vans True to Size?

In general, Vans run true to size, so you shouldn’t have to worry about them being too big or small. Now, the exact fit can vary from shoe to shoe and person to person.

A lot of people find that Vans are a bit snugger than other casual shoes. While you can usually still wear your normal size, you may want to try a size larger. That way, you can have room if you like your shoes to fit somewhat loose.

do vans run big or small
Do Vans Run Big or Small?

It can be hard to trust what customers say regarding the fit. Their opinions can vary based on the other brands of shoes they wear and how wide their feet are. The best option is to try a few styles and sizes of Vans for yourself to see which works best.

Vans Custom Shoes

An excellent way to ensure that Vans will fit is to order custom shoes. This is perfect for anyone with wide feet because the regular shoes may fit a bit too tight for you.

Anyone who wants custom shoes can order them. That way, you’ll get the design, style, and size that’s right for you. It can be a good investment in your comfort if you plan to wear the custom Vans often.

If you’ve never worn Vans before, you may want to try an existing pair. You can always order a custom pair once you decide you like how the shoes look and feel.

Sizing for Vans Slip-Ons

The Slip-Ons are probably one of the most popular styles from Vans. These shoes tend to fit true to size, so you can test them out with your regular shoe size.

If you get the Slip-Ons, you can expect them to be pretty comfortable. However, they can also fit snug compared to similar shoes. Since they are shoes you can slip on, they need to be snug so that they don’t fall off your feet.

Ordering your regular size will help you keep the shoes on. You can get enough traction to walk around, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the shoes feeling too tight.

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Sizing for Vans Old Skool

You can wear Vans Old Skool shoes for skating or to hang out. Like the Slip-Ons, these shoes fit true to size but can feel a little snug, especially if you haven’t worn Vans before. The shoes are still pretty comfortable, so they’re good for a variety of activities.

do vans run big or small
Sizing for Vans Old Skool

If you have a comfortable pair of Slip-Ons, you can probably get away with wearing the same size when getting the Old Skool style. You’ll also be able to choose from the different colors, so you can match the shoes to your skate clothes.

Of course, you can always size up if you want to have plenty of room in the shoes. Then, you won’t have to worry about your feet hurting.

Sizing for Vans Sk8-Hi

Another popular Vans style is the Sk8-Hi shoe. This style fits snuggly, but they offer a dependable fit so that you can skate or walk without the shoes coming off. Now, they do have a high top, so they may feel a bit tight on your ankles.

You may want to size up if you have wide feet. The toe box is a bit narrow, so your toes may have to crowd together as you wear the shoes.

Other than that, the shoes should work if you go with your regular shoe size. They have nice traction on the bottom, so you can wear them when skating or doing other activities.

Sizing for Vans Authentic

You can expect the same snug yet true-to-size fit from the Vans Authentic shoe. This is one of the styles that Vans made specifically for skating. That means the shoes need to be a bit snug so that you can skate without the shoes slipping off.

As you break the shoes in, you may find they become a bit more comfortable. The design helps provide plenty of comfort as you go about your day.

If you have wide feet or need a bit of extra room, you can order these shoes custom. That way, you won’t have to squish your feet into the regular size. And you won’t have to get shoes that are too long for your feet.

Sizing for Vans Era

The Vans Era shoes do fit true to size, but they’re a bit snugger than some other Vans styles. These shoes have more padding than other shoes. Because of that, the shoes may be the same size as others on the outside.

Sizing for Vans Era
Sizing for Vans Era

However, your feet may feel tight when you put the shoes on. If you wear thick socks or have large feet, you may want to get a size larger than normal.

But consider trying these shoes on before you buy them. Then, you can make sure the shoes will be the correct fit for you and your needs.

Sizing for Vans UltraRange EXO

On the other side of the Vans sizing spectrum, you’ll find the Vans UltraRange EXO. These shoes fit true to size like other Vans, but they’re a bit looser. You may also find the shoes aren’t as narrow as some other Vans styles.

If you have wide feet, they may fit without you having to order custom shoes. However, they aren’t the widest shoes in general.

Be sure to try the pair to see how it fits on your feet. Then, you can decide if you still want to order a custom pair or if you can get by with the regular sizing and width.

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Sizing for Vans EVDNT UltimateWaffle

Vans EVDNT UltimateWaffle shoes are similar to the UltraRange EXO in that they aren’t as narrow as other styles. They aren’t wide necessarily, but they can be nice if you don’t want a pair of shoes that are super snug.

The design of these shoes is similar to that of the Vans skate shoes. But the somewhat loose fit makes them a good option for casual wear. You can wear them around the house or to run errands, and they can be comfortable.

Like a lot of Vans, you should be able to get away with wearing your regular size. However, it helps to measure your feet and test the shoes to make sure they will fit.

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Vans Size Chart for Men and Women

UK   US Men’s  US Women’s  EU  CM
2.5 3.5 5 34.5 21.5
3 4 5.5 35 22
3.5 4.5 6 36 22.5
4 5 6.5 36.5 23
4.5 5.5 7 37 23.5
5 6 7.5 38 24
5.5 6.5 8 38.5 24.5
6 7 8.5 39 25
6.5 7.5 9 40 25.5
7 8 9.5 40.5 26
7.5 8.5 10 41 26.5
8 9 10.5 42 27
8.5 9.5 11 42.5 27.5
9 10 11.5 43 28
9.5 10.5 12 44 28.5
10 11 12.5 44.5 29
10.5 11.5 13 45 29.5
11 12 13.5 46 30
12 12.5 14 47 31
13 13 14.5 48 32
14 13.5 15 49 33
15 14 15.5 50 34

Vans Size Chart for Youth

10 10.5 27 15.5
10.5 11 27.5 16
11 11.5 28 16.5
11.5 12 29 17
12 12.5 30 17.5
12.5 13 30.5 18
13 13.5 31 18.5
13.5 1 31.5 19
1 1.5 32 19.5
1.5 2 32.5 20
2 2.5 33 20.5
2.5 3 34 21
3 3.5 34.5 21.5
3.5 4 35 22

How to Measure Your Feet

As you look at the different Vans styles, you may want to measure your feet. While most of the styles fit true to size, you may not know your size.

Maybe you haven’t shopped for shoes in a while. Or perhaps you’ve been wearing the wrong size or wearing a brand of shoes that does run larger or smaller than Vans.

How to Measure Your Feet
How to Measure Your Feet

Either way, it helps to measure your feet and convert those measurements into the correct size. Then, you can select the best style and size of Vans shoes for you.

1. Measure Front to Back

First, you should measure your feet from front to back. The first way to do this is to use a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

Put the paper on a flat surface and put your foot on it. Then, mark the tip of your big toe and the tip of your heel. Take your foot off the paper and use a ruler to measure the length from one mark to the other. Repeat this for the other foot to get its size.

Another way to measure your foot requires a friend or relative. You can put the heel of your foot against a wall. Have the other person use a ruler against the inside of your foot to measure the length to the toe. Do that for the other foot to see if it’s the same size or slightly different.

2. Compare to a Size Chart

Once you have the measurements in inches or centimeters, you can use a Vans’ size chart to see which size will work for you. You can use a general shoe size chart, but if your goal is to buy a pair of Vans, it makes sense to use the company’s chart.

If you can’t convert your measurements to a shoe size, make a note of the length of each foot. Then, you’ll remember what numbers to use to convert your size. You can also consider which foot is larger so that both feet will fit in whichever size you select.

3. Consider the Width

Perhaps you measure your feet correctly, and you try a pair of Vans. However, your feet hurt, and the shoes feel a bit too small. You may want to measure the width of your feet so that you can order some custom Vans in the perfect size.

Follow the same steps as you would to measure the length of your foot. The easier way to do this is to use a piece of paper and a pen. Mark the sides of your foot where it’s the widest, then measure the distance between the marks.

Then, you’ll know how wide you need your new pair of Vans to be. You can place a custom order and have the best chance that the shoes will work well.

4. Women vs. Men Sizing

Vans uses unisex sizing based on mens’ shoe sizes. While that’s convenient for men looking for a good pair of Vans, women need to do some math.

If you know your current shoe size in general, you can size down one whole size or so. But the size difference is another good reason to measure your feet. Then, you can use the Vans’ size chart specifically so that you don’t have to convert sizes.

Once you figure out what size is correct for your feet, you can order the shoes. Or you can go to a shoe store and know which size to try first to find the right fit.

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Factors That Can Affect The Fit

Vans may not run big or small, but that doesn’t mean the sizing will always be perfect. Some people may need to think about different factors before selecting a size.

You can enjoy a good pair of Vans, and you don’t need to get the right size the first time. But knowing what may affect the fit can help you narrow your search and save time.

Factors That Can Affect The Fit
Factors That Can Affect The Fit

Here are a few factors that may affect which size you choose for your new Vans:

1. Foot Conditions

If you have any foot problems, such as bunions or hammertoe, you may want to size up. These conditions can require a bit of extra room for you to avoid pain. In the case of bunions, the snug fit of Vans may make the bunion worse.

You may also want to test different sizes if you have other conditions, like plantar fasciitis. That way, you can get a pair that has enough arch support. And if you have foot problems from diabetes, that can affect your choice of shoe.

Be sure you choose the size that will fit comfortably without causing excess pain. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy your Vans.

2. Shoe Inserts

Whether you have foot problems or not, consider if you want to use shoe inserts. If so, you may need to size up so that you have room to accommodate your foot and the insert. Some inserts can be pretty thick, so you may find it impossible to put the shoe on.

You don’t need to use inserts with Vans, so you might not have to worry about this. But it’s good to consider if you want the option to add an insert later. Then, you won’t have to buy a whole new pair of shoes to use a pair of inserts.

When you get your inserts, measure how thick and wide they are. That way, you can make sure to choose the right Vans size to fit the inserts and your feet.

3. Your Socks

Along with inserts, you may want to size up if you plan to wear socks with your Vans. This is particularly important when you wear thick socks that can take up more room. You may not have a problem with your regular size if your socks are pretty thin.

When trying on pairs of Vans, bring the socks you plan to wear with the shoes. Of course, this will help you find the right size of shoe.

However, it can also help protect your feet as you try on shoes. Then, you can keep your feet in good condition as you try different pairs. And you can compare different styles of Van shoes that will work with your favorite pair of socks.

4. Adult vs. Kid

If you want to buy a pair of Vans for your kid, you may also want to size up. A good pair of Vans can last a while, but that won’t matter if your kid outgrows the shoe. You can always donate them or give them to a younger child, but your kid may want to keep wearing the shoes.

Consider getting a half or whole size larger so that your child’s feet can grow into the pair. Then, they will be able to wear them for longer, and you can get your money’s worth.

Once your or your child’s feet stop growing, you won’t have to worry about that. You can get the right size to fit your feet now, and they can still work in the future.

5. Narrow vs. Wide

Unlike some shoe companies, Vans doesn’t make shoes in different widths. While that’s okay for a lot of people, you may find it a problem if you have narrow or wide feet.

In general, the shoes run medium when it comes to width. Some customers think Vans are a bit narrower than other shoes, so people with wide feet should almost always size up.

Alternatively, you can order custom Vans that fit your feet specifically. You can also make sure the shoes fit the length of your feet and that they match your favorite clothes for skating. Of course, it will be an investment, so you may want to save up.


Are you ready to discover the truth about Vans sizing? The question of whether Vans run big or small has puzzled many, but fear not, for we have unravelled the mystery. After thorough research and countless testimonials, it is safe to say that Vans generally run true to size. However, it’s important to note that individual preferences and foot shapes can influence the fit.

If you have wider feet, you might find Vans to be slightly snug, while those with narrower feet may experience a more perfect fit. To ensure your feet are happy, we recommend trying on Vans before making a purchase. So, whether you’re an avid skateboarder or a fashion enthusiast seeking iconic street style, Vans has the answer. Step into the world of ultimate comfort, versatility, and timeless fashion. It’s time to elevate your shoe game and unleash your unique style with Vans.

Prepare to embark on an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities for self-expression. The perfect fit awaits you, so don’t hesitate to dive into the world of Vans and experience the magic for yourself.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will you buy a pair of Vans?

Vans shoes are popular among skaters, but they’re also good for casual wear. Before you buy any pair, you should consider what size you are. If you’re a woman, you also need to convert your size to mens’ sizing so that you can get the best fit.

And if you have wide feet, consider sizing up or getting a custom pair. That way, you’ll be able to wear your Vans and feel comfortable all day.

Are Vans shoes true to size?

Well, my friend, that’s a tricky one. While some Vans aficionados swear by the mantra of “true to size,” others have encountered the enigma of Vans running small or big. Here’s the thing: Vans shoes tend to have a snug fit, especially in the beginning. But fear not! As you break them in, the canvas material stretches and molds to your feet, creating a custom fit that’s oh-so-comfortable.

Can you wear Vans with wide feet?

Of course! Vans shoes are loved by people with various foot widths, including those blessed with wider feet. If you have wider feet, you may want to consider sizing up half a size or opting for Vans models with a bit more room in the toe box, such as the Vans Era or Sk8-Hi. Trying on different styles and sizes will help you find the perfect fit for your wide-footed adventures.