Do Vans Stretch? Discover The Flex-Factor of Vans Footwear

Vans shoes are known to be classic, stylish and durable. Many people love wearing Vans because of their tight fit and do not want to take them off even after a long day.

However, the problem sometimes arises when your pair of Vans becomes too snug or uncomfortable as time goes on if your feet swell or grow with pregnancy etc. So you may wonder if your Vans stretch.

Before you decide that it is time to buy a new pair of Vans, read this article which shows how you can stretch your shoes at home!

do vans stretch
Do Vans Stretch?

Do Vans Stretch?

Yes, they do but not much though. Vans are made with canvas or suede and these fabrics stretch.

They stretch when you wear them regularly. Usually, you’ll get the best fit by wearing them for a few days. However, if you feel that they are still too snug after wearing them for a while, here are steps to stretch them.

How Much Do Vans Stretch?

Vans will stretch about half a size, if worn regularly. If you wear them for many years, they will stretch more because the material allows it.

Remember that this is just a range, so your shoe might stretch by either ⅛ of an inch or ¼ of an inch, or anything in between. This range only applies when you wear your shoes and stretch them out, but they might stretch more or less depending on how you stretch them.

Many people say that when they first use a new pair of Vans shoes, they are a bit tight. The company knows this and has put together a guide on how to stretch the shoes to fit you perfectly. I am going to show you how to do it right now.

If your Vans shoes start to stretch out over time and become less tight, you will gradually feel more comfortable in them. The heel will not feel tight in the shoe and you will feel less pain.

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How to Stretch Vans Shoes at Home?

Wear them as much as possible: The key to stretching the shoes is wearing the shoes as much as you can even when not needed. Let them get used to your feet and also, continue wearing them even when they are stretched. It will help the material to stretch even more.

do vans stretch
How to Stretch Vans Shoes at Home?

Here we have listed several methods you can use at home to stretch your Vans:

1. Microwave Your Shoe

Put your Vans inside a microwavable bowl and heat it up for about 30 seconds. Once you take them out of the microwave, immediately wear them and wear thick socks as well, to stretch out your shoes more.

Keep wearing them until they cool down and repeat this process 3-4 times every day until they fit perfectly again.

2. Stretch Your Shoes with Water and Dish Detergent

Mix water and dish detergent in a spray bottle. Spray this solution on the parts of your shoe that need stretching out.

Stretch those areas by hand or use objects such as cushions to stretch tighter spots like the heel or ankle area. Leave them stretched overnight and rinse the mixture off as you wake up in the morning.

3. Stretch Shoes with a Towel

Place a thick towel inside your shoe. Shove your foot in and pull the other end of the towel to stretch out your shoes. This is an easy way to stretch shoes while you are at home!

4. Hair Dryer Method

Vans shoes are a rage among all street fashion lovers because of their durable nature and appealing design. But, one problem which arises is regarding stretching them to fit perfectly on your feet.

People who have wide feet find it difficult to wear Vans in its original form without any footwear insert. There are different ways of stretching Vans according to your feet type. One of the most reliable techniques which have come up in recent years is using a hair dryer to do this job.

You can stretch your Vans shoes by using a hair dryer. For this, you will need some thick socks and your Vans shoes. Put the socks on first, and then put the shoes on.

Turn on the hair dryer and set it to medium-high heat for 20 to 30 seconds. Then, direct the dryer all over the places of the shoes where you want them to stretch. Remember that you need to be careful not to damage your shoes with the heat of the hair dryer.

Once you feel like you can move your feet around comfortably, take your shoes off. Take your socks off and put regular socks on and see if your shoes have been stretched out, if they still feel snug, repeat the process for another 2-3 times.

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5. Use Steam to Stretch Out Vans

To stretch your Vans, you will need to apply steam for 3 to 5 minutes. Make sure to take precautions so you don’t get your skin burned, such as wearing gloves.

Boil a pot of water and remove the kettle’s top. Keep the shoes above the steam for 3 to 5 minutes. The fabric material in the Vans will loosen with the steam.

After steaming them for 3 to 5 minutes, If your Vans feel uncomfortable or snug, try steaming them for 3 to 5 minutes. Stretch your feet out in the shoes until they feel more flexible. If they still don’t stretch much, try steaming them two to three times more.

Here’s a video of stretching Vans in the microwave:

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6. Bending and Flexing

Vans shoes have a waffle outsole and rubberized insole. This makes them stretch more quickly when you bend them. Bend them in like a U shape and hold a few seconds. You should also flex your Vans frequently to help stretch the sides and toe parts.

The other way to stretch your Vans is to flex them horizontally. You can do this by grabbing the toe and heel and stretching them. You will feel more comfortable in a couple of days after you do this repeatedly.

7. Freezing Vans

You can freeze your vans just as well as you can heat them in the microwave. This is a good way to break in your vans without damaging them.

To freeze and stretch your vans:

Pour water into two Ziploc bags and seal them shut. You might want to take extra bags to double-cover them to make sure water will not leak out.

Place these bags inside the shoes and arrange them so they provide support in places that need more stretching, like the toe area.

Put your shoes in the freezer with the bags inside. The water will freeze and make the shoes bigger. You can take the shoes off after a day and they will be wet.

Wait for 20 to 30 minutes and then take them out. Clean them with a cloth and try them on. If they are still tight, do it again one or two more times until you see the results you want.

8. Stuff with Newspaper

You can use socks, newspapers, or damp towels to stretch your shoes. Stuff the shoes with the socks, newspapers, or towels overnight. In the morning, take them out and your shoes will be stretched.

9. Shoe Stretcher Tree

A shoe tree is a tool used to keep shoes in good condition. They are especially helpful in stretching suede, leather and canvas shoes. Vans are made of canvas, which makes stretching them out very easy.

To use the shoe tree, place it inside the shoe first. Shoe trees have plugs that help stretch parts of the shoe such as bunions, toes, and the side parts of shoes.

The shoe tree also has a vented slot that keeps the shoes moist and lets the air to circulate by leaving the shoes breathable. There are many shoe trees on the market today.

There are two types of stretchers: two-way stretchers and other stretchers. Two-way stretchers are better because they are made of tough, durable plastic.

If you need more stretch in your shoes, you can use stretching spray to improve the flexibility and stretch in the shoe tree. Rotate the handle of the shoe tree a full turn after applying the spray. Let it sit for a day and see how much more stretch your feet need. Then repeat the process.

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How to Know Your Vans Shoe Size?

To determine the right size to buy for Vans, you can use a few different methods. One method is to try them on in a store and see which ones fit you best. The second way will require measuring your foot from heel to toe using a ruler or tape measure.

The third way is to look at the insoles of your current shoe to determine the size. If you have a shoe insert, it might help if you use that as a reference point when figuring out your size.

How to Know Your Vans Shoe Size
How to Know Your Vans Shoe Size?

When trying Vans on, make sure they fit well and provide enough support for your feet. Make sure there are no spaces between your toes and the front of the shoes.

Also, make sure they are comfortable when you are standing up. Always try on shoes when standing up. Putting shoes on while sitting will not push your foot in all the way and you may pick the wrong size.

Last, but not least, if you have a Brannock device, then this is the best to measure your foot. This device is available in most shoe stores. Once you have measured your foot, see the sizing chart on Vans’ website for size comparisons.

The sizing charts are very useful because they tell you what sizes to get depending on your gender and age. The last thing you want is to buy a pair of shoes that are too big or small for you. Also, these sites will give you measurements on widths and circumferences or lengths of the shoes themselves.

Vans are all about their shoes. They are known for their many shoe styles that are produced each year. Vans also has a very low profile in the skateboarding world, which makes it one of the most popular shoes for skate times.

Vans are all about comfort and there is no better way to show this but by making even their shoes comfortable to wear. This is where the shoe stretchers come into play. The shoe stretcher is an amazing tool that helps you stretch your shoes to fit your feet better or even enlarge them if needed.

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How Tight Should Your Vans Be?

If your Vans shoe feels too tight when you first wear it, don’t worry. It’s supposed to feel snug at first. But if it’s really tight and uncomfortable, that means you ordered the wrong size.

Go back and order the right size so the shoe will feel comfortable on your feet or go over the steps to stretch your shoes a little.

What Happens if You Stretch Your Vans Too Much?

Don’t worry, you won’t actually stretch your Vans shoes too much. You can stretch them a lot without worrying about ruining the material or anything like that.

So don’t be afraid to put your feet in there and really push down with all your weight if you need to. Just make sure not to stretch it out so far that it looks funny when they are on your feet.

The best way to break them in is to wear them. All leather or suede shoes need to be broken in for the stretching process.

Suede materials tend to stretch more than other materials.

Vans Shoes Materials List

Step into the world of Vans shoes, where the art of craftsmanship meets the thrill of self-expression. Get ready to dive deep into the materials that make these iconic shoes come to life. From durable canvas that weaves stories of adventures to premium leather that exudes timeless sophistication, each material is carefully selected to deliver comfort, style, and durability.

Vans Shoes Materials List
Vans Shoes Materials List

Explore the fascinating blend of fabrics, rubber soles, and intricate detailing that make Vans shoes a symbol of creativity and individuality, here:

1. Canvas

The lightweight fabric used for making sails and tents, originally made from cotton but now often made from synthetic fibers like nylon polyester.

Some Vans use a canvas upper in their shoes, which is often heavier than the material used in other parts of the shoe.

Canvas and suede materials tend to stretch more than other materials.

2. Leather

Leather is made when animal skin is dry tanned so that it becomes more flexible and retains moisture better than rawhide without rotting or cracking when wetted repeatedly, sometimes dyed with natural dyes in elaborate patterns.

3. Suede

Suede is smooth napped leather popularly used to make gloves, jackets and slip-ons.

4. Synthetic

Synthetic is any man-made material that has similar properties to natural materials such as rubber and felt and cotton and wool and silk and linen.

Vans usually uses a combination of synthetic materials in their shoes instead of only one type so the shoe is more durable overall against wear and tear.

5. Vulcanized

A chemical process that strengthens the bond between rubber molecules which increases its durability. Ever notice how certain areas around your shoes get scuffed up faster than others?

That’s because those areas aren’t vulcanized; it’s where two pieces of rubber come together without chemicals bonding them together like everywhere else on the sole.

6. Rubber

Rubber occurs naturally but can also be made synthetically and used for many different purposes like to make the sole of your shoes that keep you grounded and stable while skating.

7. Reinforced Toe Box

Toe boxes are an especially vulnerable area for skaters, so Vans added a reinforced toe box to their Classic Slip-On’s for increased durability in high wear areas. (High wear areas get worn down more quickly than other areas)

8. Classic Canvas

This is the original material that was used by Vans in the olden days when starting out in 1976, vulcanized rubber or gum rubber is a hard solid material or rubbery plastic form of latex tapped from rubber trees.

This is where Vans gets its name from in terms of what they use to make their shoes and other products.

9. Bold Canvas

Bold canvas is a bolder texture than classic canvas, this material is still vulcanized rubber or gum rubber which comes from the sap of rubber trees and gives that sticky feeling when it gets wet.

Since there’s more material to work with on this type of sneaker, the shoe itself tends to be more durable than classic canvas sneakers.

10. Super Suede

Super Suede made by dyeing leather fibers so they hold color but don’t form an entirely solid piece like regular cowhide suede does, what you get is super soft and comfy Vans Shoes that maintain rich colors and textures over time instead of losing their look as easily as regular suede.

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Why Are Vans so Popular Shoes?

There are many reasons why Vans shoes became so popular. Vans are comfortable and they were one of the first shoe producers to make skateboarding shoes and shoes for other extreme sports such as snowboarding, surfing, and inline skating.

Why Are Vans so Popular Shoes
Why Are Vans so Popular Shoes?

Also, because of their popularity in these sports, many people wear Vans no matter what they’re doing.

Vans also fit everyone’s budget well. They don’t cost a fortune but they look nice and feel comfortable on your feet.

This is why there are people everywhere who own at least one pair of Vans shoes in his or her closet. And if you ever lose them or get them dirty, it doesn’t hurt much to buy another pair since they’re not expensive like other shoe brands out there.

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Vans shoes stretch and you need to take some time to break them in. You can use several methods such as steaming, freezing, stuffing with towels and newspapers, using a shoe tree and using stretching spray.

Vans will feel comfortable after 2-3 days of wearing them. They are made for this type of stretch, so do not worry about the shoe’s appearance or durability. You can also use these methods to stretch other shoes.

I personally like the shoe stretcher method. The shoe stretcher is the perfect solution for Vans shoes. If your shoes are too tight or too loose, use a shoe stretcher to make them fit better on your feet.

No matter if you bought the wrong size or they just don’t feel right when you wear them, using a shoe stretcher will help solve this problem in no time.