How to Clean Skechers Shoes (Expert’s Guide)

Just like any other big brand, Skechers has a cool range of shoes that you can pick. Each of them is unique, and they can fit different purposes. But whichever pair of Skechers you have in your possession, you’d still want to take a look at my article below, containing some cool tips to clean your Skechers! Join me in my quest to answer questions like how to wash Skechers Memory Foam shoes, how to clean Skechers Go Walk shoes, can you wash Skechers slip-on shoes and many more!

How to Clean Skechers Shoes: The Official Ways

There are many ways to clean Skechers shoes and preserve their condition in order to use them for a very long time. But before I give my own take (as well as other experts’ opinions), it’s probably best for me to share information on how to clean Skechers from the people who know them best: Skechers!

Generally, there are two different methods that Skechers recommend to clean your shoes: manual or through a washing machine. Yes, there are people who ask me this question repeatedly: can you machine wash Skechers Memory Foam shoes? I can confirm that you can! The latter method can only be a viable option for machine-washable shoes. I have tried both tricks, and they worked wonders for me. Let’s see if that also applies to you. 

When it comes to the manual method, Skechers divide it into some more cleaning methods that depend on the material of the shoes. Let’s take a look at some of the methods that Skechers has to offer.

1. For Sketchers with nylon/mesh

  • Gently brush your sneakers to remove loose dirt or stains. From my own experience, a soft brush might help to keep your shoes from getting damaged as opposed to using a standard brush.
  • Prepare a mixture of water and mild laundry detergent.
  • Dip your soft brush into the mixture.
  • Brush the shoes again, this time with the soapy mixture that you’ve made.
  • Wipe the shoes to get rid of the soapy mixture and stains with a microfiber cloth.
  • Leave your shoes and let them dry.

It’s important to note that some mesh/nylon sneakers are available to be cleaned via a washing machine. If that’s the case, then I recommend that you use one, as I found it to be faster and more efficient.  

2. For Skechers with leather

  • Gently brush your sneakers to remove loose dirt or stains.
  • Prepare a leather-cleaning lotion.
  • Apply the lotion to your brush.
  • Brush the shoes again, this time with leather-cleaning lotion applied to them.
  • Wipe the shoes to get rid of the lotion and stains.
  • Leave your shoes and let them dry.

3. For Suede Skechers

  • Prepare a suede brush. This way, you know that you won’t damage the material of your Skechers shoes.
  • Gently use the brush to rub your shoes and get rid of the dirt and stains on your shoes.

4. Can you machine wash Skechers Memory Foam shoes?

The answer is: yes, you can, and it’s going to be fun! However, please be advised that this method can only be done for shoes that are machine-washable. You can see whether your shoes are Skechers washable shoes under the product detail of your items. I love to use this method as I can just leave the machine to do the job for me!

  • Remove the shoelaces from your Skechers before proceeding to wash them.
  • Put your shoes inside a laundry bag or in a pillowcase.
  • Set the washing machine to a cold and gentle cycle mode.
  • If you own a pair of Skechers that are equipped with Skechers Memory Foam, you might want to air dry them for 10-12 hours.

One more thing, make sure not to place your Skechers in the dryer section of your washing machine. 

How to Wash Skechers Memory Foam Shoes

Your feet will feel more comfortable than ever in Skechers shoes thanks to their memory foam insoles, which are extremely comfortable. I’ve tried a pair of Skechers Memory Foam shoes, and let me tell you that they feel so good! Imagine a pillow for your foot; that’s how I might describe it for you.

While the foams are comfy, you should not neglect cleaning them.. Therefore, you should learn to wash your Skechers Memory Foam shoes the right way. If your Skechers are machine-washable, then you can clean them with a machine (see the previous section on how to clean Skechers with a washing machine). Alternatively, I also came up with a way to clean them manually. Please take a look at the steps below:

  • Prepare a mixture of water and mild laundry soap or detergent.
  • Find a soft brush that you can use. It would be better to use a shoe brush. However, you can also use a soft brush as an alternative. I have tried to use soft brushes, and they work fine.
  • Scrub your shoes to get rid of loose dirt.
  • Apply the mixture to your brush and scrub them again. Make sure to scrub gently and carefully.
  • Once you have covered the dirty parts, clean the shoes by wiping them with a wet towel or cloth. I try to avoid rinsing or soaking them directly with water.
  • Let them dry for a while before storing them once more.

How to Clean Skechers Go Walk Shoes

The Skechers Go Walk shoes are the perfect pair of footwear for those of you who love to mobilize and travel a long distance. With these shoes, you won’t feel too tired, even when you have covered a lot of miles during the day. 

There are two ways to clean Skechers Go Walk Shoes: manually or by using a washing machine. I’m going to talk about the first method, and I’ll dedicate an entire section to the latter method after this. When we’re talking about cleaning Go Walk shoes, I have learned that using Skechers (or other brands) athletic cleaner gel is the best way to go. If you want to know how to clean Skechers Go Walk shoes, please read these steps:

  • Prepare an athletic cleaner gel and a microfiber cloth. I really love to use an athletic cleaner gel as it’s more effective than a mild soap or laundry detergent when it comes to cleaning Skechers Go Walk shoes.
  • Before using the gel, I usually brush the shoes using a soft or shoe brush. This step is quite essential to get rid of loose dust or dirt.
  • Spray the athletic cleaner gel on your shoes. Try to focus on the dirty sections that you want to focus on.
  • Clean it carefully by using a microfiber cloth. 

Can You Machine Wash Skechers Go Walk Shoes?

Can you wash Skechers Go Walk shoes? Well, there are a lot of Skechers washable shoes, and as mentioned previously, Skechers Go Walk shoes can be washed by using a washing machine. Therefore, you have two options when it comes to cleaning this type of Skechers shoe: either manually or using a washing machine.

From my personal perspective, I tend to use a washing machine if my Skechers are machine-washable products. It is more effective! If you want to know how to wash Skechers Go-Walk in a washing machine, then read this out!

  • Remove the laces from your Skechers Go Walk Shoes.
  • Put your Skechers and laces inside a mesh or laundry bag. Make sure that they are inside separate bags.
  • Put them into the laundry machine and let them do their job.
  • Wait for the machine to finish washing your shoes before putting your laces back.

How to Clean Leather Skecher Shoes

If you’re wondering how to clean leather Skechers shoes, then you’re in the right section. Cleaning leather Skechers is going to be a little bit more challenging, just like any other leather shoes in general. Despite their premium appearance and general comfort, leather shoes are sensitive to dirt and can get easily dirty. Cleaning them also requires a good amount of attention to detail. After some trial and error, I have come up with a great way to clean leather Skechers shoes.

  • Prepare a soft brush as well as a mixture of water and mild soap or laundry detergent.
  • Get rid of loose dust or dirt by using your brush.
  • Apply the mixture to your brush and rub them across your shoes.
  • Wipe your shoes by using a microfiber cloth and gently tapping it on the surface of your shoes.
  • If the shoes are still dirty, please repeat the process once more.
  • Once you have received a satisfactory result, you can proceed to dry your shoes before storing them back where they belong.

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How to Wash Skechers Arch Fit Shoes

Skechers incorporate various advanced designs in their footwear. The arch fit is one pf them. It is a heck of great technology for people who tend to feel pain in their feet when they’re walking a great distance. This technology helps to support your foot and distribute weight evenly. 

Coincidentally, some Skechers Arch Fit shoes are compatible to be cleaned with a washing machine. Here’s how to wash them properly in a washing machine:

  • Remove the laces from your Skechers Arch Fit Shoes
  • Put your Skechers and laces inside a mesh or laundry bag. Make sure that they are inside separate bags
  • Put them into the laundry machine and let them do their job
  • Wait for the machine to finish washing your shoes before putting your laces back

How to Clean Skechers Goga Mat Shoes

how to clean skechers shoes

The Goga Mat technology is another extraordinary insole that’s kind of similar to the Memory Foam insoles, albeit unique in a different way. While they’re both soft, the Goga Mat insoles are not as soft as Memory Foam. However, they will be more durable and resilient. I’d probably compare the experience as if you’re walking on a yoga mat.

You can clean your Goga Mat shoes with a washing machine. But as an alternative, I’ll give you a trick to clean them manually. From my experience, this method will produce a cleaner and more satisfying result for your Skechers. 

  • Remove the shoelaces from your Skechers Goga Mat shoes before proceeding to clean them.
  • Soak your laces inside a bucket of water that has been mixed with laundry detergent.
  • Wipe the laces with a clean microfiber cloth and let them dry.
  • Let’s move on to the shoes. Prepare a brush and a mixture of water and mild soap.
  • Rub the shoes gently with your brush.
  • Put a bit of the mixture that you’ve made on your brush and rub them once more. 
  • Clean your shoes by gently tapping them with a slightly wet cloth.
  • Let them dry for a while before storing them where they belong.

How I Deep Clean Skechers Shoes Manually

There are a lot of ways that you can clean your Skechers. I myself have my own way of cleaning my own pair of Skechers. If you want to try it, stick around as I discuss the detailed steps, as well as the necessary kits that you can use to do the job. 

1. Preparing the Cleaning Kit

  • Shoe Cleaner: A special shoe detergent needed to clean your favorite and precious Skechers. You can use other mild detergents as well. But in my experience, a shoe cleaner will be the best option in the market.
  • Apron: Not an obligatory item, but it will come in handy when we’re talking about keeping your shirt clean while washing your Skechers. I find it really useful as I’m quite clumsy when it comes to cleaning shoes!
  • Premium Brush: Used to clean the upper part of your Skechers. The brush is gentle so it is compatible with leather, suede, nylon, and other materials.
  • Medium Brush: Used to clean your sneaker’s midsole section. 
  • Standard Brush: Used to clean your sneaker’s outsole section.
  • Small Brush or Toothbrush: This type of brush will come in handy when it comes to cleaning the inner part of your sneakers that is usually hard to reach. 
  • Microfiber Cloth: Used to wipe Skechers clean from dirt and stains. 
  • Shoe Tree: Essential item to keep your sneaker’s basic structure intact. 
  • Container/Pan: Used to store water that will be mixed with Shoe Perfume in order to generate a certain odor for your Skechers. I love using shoe perfume as my shoes will often produce a bad odor. A shoe perfume will help freshen things up.

2. Skechers Shoe Parts & How You Should Use the Cleaning Kit

  • The upper part. As the name states, it’s the upper part of your Skechers. You need to use two different brushes to clean this part. Premium Brush will be used to prevent damage to the upper part of your sneakers. A small brush will come in handy when you’re trying to wipe additional stains that are small.
  • Midsole. The sole side section of your Skechers. To clean the midsole, we suggest you use Medium Brush, as midsoles can often get damaged and dirty due to usage.
  • Outsole, or the lower part of your Skechers. To clean the Skechers outsole, you can use a standard brush that is strong and sturdy. This way, dirt and stains from your outsole might be cleaned easily. 
  • Insole. The inner part of your Skechers also acts as a cushion to make your foot more comfortable. It’s better to remove the insoles from your sneakers before cleaning them. However, don’t force it if it’s not possible. To clean the insole, you can use a premium brush as well as a toothbrush, as they can reach parts that are harder to clean. 

3. The Skechers Cleaning Process

how to clean skechers shoes

In this section, I shall explain thoroughly the way I usually clean my Skechers. You should follow the steps carefully and put effort into the cleaning process for the best result! Do not cut corners with the detailing!

1. Prepare the dirty Skechers & the cleaning kit

Prepare your dirty Skechers that need to be freshened up. Make sure that you have all the tools and ingredients. You will need the ShoeCleaner, apron, premium brush, medium brush, standard brush, small brush, microfiber cloth, two pieces of shoe tree, container to store water, and shoe perfume. 

2. Remove the laces from your Skechers

It’s essential to remove the laces from your Skechers before starting the cleaning process. Removing the laces allows you to access the entire surface of the shoe, including the tongue and eyelets, which can be difficult to clean thoroughly with the laces in place. Moreover, Laces need to be cleaned separately, so make sure to do it later on. 

3. Insert the shoe tree in your Skechers

This is an essential step, as a Shoetree will be important to maintain the shape of your Skechers when they’re being washed. However, make sure to remove the insole before inserting a shoe tree. 

4. Dry-clean your Skechers

Before washing the sneakers with water, we need to brush the upper part and midsole with a premium brush to wipe off debris and dirt that is often found on your Skechers. 

5. Wash the outsole and midsole

During this cleaning stage, you can use a Standard Brush. Make sure to use all your strength when cleaning the outsole, as it’s naturally the dirtiest part of a shoe.

As soon as you have finished cleaning the outsole, you can proceed by cleaning the midsole with a Medium Brush. This time, patience and diligence are needed, as there will be a lot of dirty spots that are hard to clean.  

6. Wash the outer and inner parts of the shoe upper

To clean the outer part, I usually use a Premium Brush to complete the job. The premium brush needs to be used gently in order to avoid any damage and scratches to your shoes. After cleaning the outer part, you can wipe it clean with a microfiber by tapping it gently on the surface of your shoes. 

Cleaning the inner part of your Skechers might be a little bit trickier. Worry not, as you can use a small brush to reach the narrow part of your shoes. Same as the outer part, you can wipe the inner part clean after brushing it with a microfiber cloth.

7. Detailing

Use a wet microfiber cloth to clean details on your sneakers that are dirty, which are normally found on your midsole or outsole. Clean the laces as well. You can soak the laces in water that has been mixed with Shoe Cleaner. After waiting for some time, clean it and squeeze it a bit to remove the water. Finally, you can dry it off with a microfiber cloth.

8. Drying Process

Dry off your shoes by using a fan. As an alternative, you can also dry it by waving your hands or placing the shoes in a cold area with minimal moisture. Try not to dry the sneakers by placing them under direct sunlight, as it can damage the glue or paint of said shoes

9. Finishing 

Once all necessary parts are dry, then you can place the insole back inside the shoe. The same thing also goes for the laces. Now, your shoe is back in action and looks fresh again!

Skechers Shoes DO & DON’T


  • Rub your shoes gently. As Obi-Wan said it best, use your feelings! Skechers are made from sensitive materials, which are prone to damage and scratches.
  • Use a Premium Brush to clean the upper part of your shoes. You can use other soft brushes as well. However, make sure to stay away from a rough standard brush.
  • Make sure to know the material that made up your shoes. Different Skechers models have different kinds of material. Each material requires different attention, so make sure not to ignore it. 


  • Don’t brush with blunt strength. Make sure to do it slowly and carefully in order to prevent damage.
  • Don’t wear your shoes outdoors, especially on rough terrain. Despite their comfortable material, Skechers are basically lightweight and thin. There’s a high chance that it might hurt your feet.  

How to Protect Your Skechers Shoes

how to clean skechers shoes

The point of cleaning your Skechers and making them stay fresh is to make them look presentable as well as preserve their condition. However, cleaning them isn’t the only thing necessary to protect your Skechers. Here are some things that you should do to make them safe and long-lasting.

  • Use your shoes for indoor activities. Sometimes, I use them for outdoor activities as well, but I avoid bad environments where there are mud and dirt.
  • Avoid leaving them under direct contact with the sunlight.
  • High temperatures can cause the material to warp or crack, while extreme cold can make it brittle. Store your Skechers shoes in a place with moderate temperature and humidity.
  • Clean your shoes regularly, but not too often. If you use them every day, you can. Clean them once every week or two. But if you rarely use them, then clean them directly after usage.
  • Wearing the same pair of shoes every day can cause the material to wear down more quickly. Rotate your Skecher shoes with other pairs to help them last longer.
  • Waterproof sprays and other protective treatments can help to repel water and other liquids, protecting the material from damage.

How to Deodorize & Freshen Up Skechers Shoes

how to clean skechers shoes

There are a lot of reasons for your shoes to produce bad odor. Your sweaty feet can play a part. On the other hand, Skechers that are not cleaned regularly can also produce a bad odor due to mud, stains, and many more. If you want to deodorize your Skechers, then make sure to buy a deodorizing spray for shoes. After you have cleaned your shoes, simply spray them with your awesome deodorizing spray. After using it, my shoes have stayed fresh and feel like brand-new items. 

Here are some alternative methods on how to deodorize your Skecher shoes:

  • Sprinkle baking soda: Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda inside each shoe, covering the entire surface area. Baking soda helps to absorb moisture and neutralize odor.
  • Let it sit overnight: Leave the baking soda inside the shoes overnight or for at least a few hours. This gives the baking soda enough time to absorb the odor and moisture.
  • Shake out the excess baking soda: In the morning, shake out the excess baking soda from the shoes. Use a soft-bristled brush or a cloth to remove any remaining residue.
  • Use odor-absorbing inserts: Consider using odor-absorbing inserts made of activated charcoal or other materials that can absorb moisture and eliminate odor.
  • Air them out: After wearing your Skecher shoes, allow them to air out for several hours in a well-ventilated area. This helps to prevent moisture buildup inside the shoes, which can cause odor.

By following these steps, you can effectively deodorize your Skechers shoes and keep them smelling fresh and clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Most Skechers shoe machine washable?

I can’t say that most Skechers are machine washable. However, I do know that some models can be washed inside a washing machine. For those of you who are unsure if your models are viable for machine wash, please check their product information. Skechers shoes that are machine-washable should have a description written on them. 

Cleaning a pair of Skechers with a washing machine will do you wonders. As a matter of fact, I love using a washing machine to clean them. It saves time. Plus, it produces a satisfactory result for me. I have mentioned a way to clean your Skechers with a washing machine before in this article (several times, in fact). For those of you wondering, start searching!

2. Can I use bleach to clean my Skechers shoes?

Bleach is not recommended for cleaning Skecher shoes, as it can cause discoloration and damage to the material. Instead, use a specialized cleaner designed for the specific material your shoes are made of.

3. How often should I clean my Skechers shoes?

The frequency of cleaning depends on how often you wear your Skechers shoes and the conditions in which you wear them. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to clean your shoes after every use or at least once a week to keep them in good condition.

4. Can I dry my Skechers shoes in a dryer?

Skechers does not recommend drying their shoes in a dryer, as it can cause damage to the material and cause the shoes to lose their shape. Air drying is the recommended method for drying Skechers shoes.

Using a hair dryer to dry Skechers shoes is also not recommended, as it can cause the material to warp or crack. Instead, stuff the shoes with newspaper or a towel and let them air dry in a well-ventilated area.


In conclusion, keeping your Skecher shoes clean is an important part of maintaining their appearance and extending their lifespan.

Whether your Skechers are made of leather, mesh, or other materials, there are steps you can take to keep them looking great. By using the appropriate cleaning products and following the recommended cleaning techniques, you can effectively remove dirt and stains without causing damage to the material.

Additionally, taking steps to protect your Skechers shoes from moisture and extreme temperatures, as well as using deodorizing methods, can help keep them smelling fresh and clean. By incorporating these cleaning and maintenance tips into your routine, you can ensure that your Skecher shoes look and feel their best for many years to come.