Running Shoes to Wear with Dresses and Make You Look Stylish

Running shoes, or what some people know as trainers or sneakers, are one of the most popular athletic wear for jogging or exercising. As fashion trend grows, running shoes aren’t limited to just doing physical activities. These days, you can spot many people wearing running shoes as casual wear while hanging out with friends or taking a stroll in the city. 

Running shoes are perfect for numerous casual outfits, from various types of tops like t-shirts or buttoned shirts to bottoms like jeans or skirts. Besides the casual outfit combo, running shoes also go well with several dresses. Some fashion stylists and famous public figures rock running shoes and dress outfits, inspiring other ladies to do so. Pairing running shoes with dresses can make you look fresh and youthful. Here are some running shoes that you can wear with dresses.

Understanding running shoe types

Do you know that there’s more than one type of running shoe? Running shoes have different types to fit the runners’ physical features and needs. Furthermore, running shoes are designed to cater to different feet types, from flat to high arch.

  1. Lightweight shoes

These shoes are perfect for speed workouts, such as sprinting or racing. You can move your feet naturally while wearing this shoe because they have little to no foam and cushioning features. The only weakness of lightweight shoes is they are not ideal for beginners or general training because they have minimal support.

  1. Trail shoes

As the name mentions, this shoe type is ideal for wearing on trails with numerous conditions, from dirt and rocks to muddy paths. Trail shoes are a combination of running and hiking shoes. This shoe provides excellent stability, protection, and support that you’ll need while on rocky tracks.

  1. Motion control shoes

This type of shoe can be a good option if you have low arch feet or are also known as pronated feet. Usually, this type of shoe is less flexible and has wider soles than other sneakers.

  1. Cushioned shoes

True to its name, this type of shoe usually has additional cushion and shock dispersion features. Cushioned shoes are the favorite among runners with supination or high arch feet because the design perfectly makes up for their foot condition.

  1. Stability shoes

This shoe type can reduce or prevent excessive foot pronation by providing extra support around the ankle and arch, giving more stability as you move around. This type of shoe is ideal for runners with normal arch feet.

What dress to wear with running shoes?

You can match running shoes with various types of dress, preferably casual or summer dresses, to look more fashionable and chic. Some of the dresses will be listed below.

  1. A classic plain short dress

A short dress is a perfect outfit if you’re heading out on a warm summer day. Pairing it with running shoes can make you look more stylish and casual. This outfit combination is perfect if you want to accentuate your legs.

  1. Running shoes and sequin dress combo

Most ladies often pair the sparkling sequin dress with high heels to look fancy and pretty, especially for a cocktail party. So, why don’t you give a unique twist to this outfit? Pairing a sequin dress with running shoes gives a new and refreshing touch to the overall look. Moreover, the combination can make you look more casual and relaxed. 

  1. An elegant midi dress

Who says you can’t wear a midi dress with running shoes? Try this pairing to give rest to your feet from wearing high heels. Opt for a slitted midi dress to give a sexy and fashionable look. You can choose a patterned midi dress to give a fun touch, or opt for a plain midi dress to look prettier.

  1. Ribbed dress for cold days

You can rock the running shoes and dress combo for colder days during fall. Opt for a ribbed body con dress to accentuate your body shape, and add a pair of running shoes to complete the elegant yet casual look.

  1. Polo dress for a sporty look

Polo dresses are another great option to wear with running shoes while going outside on a warm summer day. If you want to rock the sport look, this pairing will make a great combination and make you look fashionable. 

Recommended running shoe colors

Running shoes come in various color variations, from one plain color to multicolored ones. It depends on what outfit you’ll wear with running shoes. If you still don’t know which one to choose, some of the most recommended running shoe colors will be listed below.

  1. White running shoes

These shoes are one of the most versatile and timeless footwear. Some people even consider white running shoes as one of the must-have items in their wardrobe because they look great when paired with anything, from buttoned shirts and pants combo to various casual dresses. You can choose all-white crisp running shoes or go for the ones with a color accent to look more fun.

  1. Black running shoes

Besides white, black running shoes are also popular among fashion enthusiasts. The bold and rich color will give a mature and sophisticated touch to the overall look. Some black running shoes have a tint of white on the sole and a little color accent on the upper part. Black running shoes are perfect for dark-colored dresses and other outfits.

  1. Grey running shoes

Although some may dislike grey because the color will make you look dull, it is one of the most versatile colors for running shoes. You can wear grey running shoes to complement the colorful outfits or dark-colored ones like navy or black. Grey shoes are perfect to wear during colder days, such as in fall and winter.

  1. Beige running shoes

Not only black and white, but you can also find running shoes in beige, which are getting popular lately. Although some may consider beige bland and boring, this neutral-tone color is versatile and matches almost everything. You can wear a pair of beige running shoes with earth-toned dresses to give an elegant and calming look. Beige running shoes also go well with patterned dresses, such as floral, stripes, or geometric.

  1. Colorful running shoes

If you want to level up your plain dress and give an extraordinary fashion statement, colorful running shoes are the best choice. Ideally, you can pair the shoes with a basic white dress to look more youthful and fun. Although these shoes are not as versatile as the others mentioned before, you can wear them to give a cheerful look.


White running shoes match dresses with various colors, from neutral-toned colors to bright or pastel-colored dresses, and give you a more youthful and casual look. If you’re not a fan of white shoes, black or grey running shoes can be a good choice that will make you look bolder and awesome. Aside from the timeless monochromatic color, you can wear earth-toned running shoes such as brown or beige to look better and fresher. 

  • What color of running shoes is most versatile?

Neutral-colored running shoes such as black, white, and grey are the most versatile and sustainable. Some people even say white running shoes are one of the must-have items because you can pair them easily with any dress, from plain to patterned, with no fuss.

  • Should running shoes match your dress?

It depends on how you want to style your dress with sneakers. Mix and match a plain dress with one-colored running shoes to look more elegant and stylish. If you wear a patterned dress, avoid pairing it with multicolored or patterned running shoes because it will make you look bizarre. If you’re wearing a printed dress or twinkling sequin dress, opt for plain or neutral-colored running shoes to balance the look. 

  • How can I look good with running shoes and a dress?

To look good with running shoes and a dress outfit, experimenting with the style before finding what works best for you is the best idea. Don’t wear a formal or floor-length dress with sneakers because you’ll look awkward. Opt for casual dresses with a knee-length, maximum of midi length. If your dress has a fun pattern or vibrant color, you might want to choose neutral-colored running shoes. On the contrary, you can match a plain dress with colored running shoes to add a pop of color and give a youthful look.

  • How to match the running shoes’ color?

You can match the running shoes’ color with your outfit in several ways. If your running shoes have bright colors, such as pink, you can combine those with neutral-colored clothes to tone down the vibrant color. Meanwhile, if you have neutral-colored running shoes such as black or white, mix and match them with patterned outfits, or you can go all plain to look more simple and elegant.

  • Do white running shoes go with everything?

White running shoes go with almost every casual outfit, from a shirt and denim combo to dresses. You can also pair white running shoes with an athleisure outfit to look more stylish. Although they’re versatile, white running shoes are not ideal for formal occasions because you’ll look out of place.