Do You Wear Socks With Allbirds?

do you wear socks with allbirds

Allbirds shoes have gained popularity for their comfort and style. The shoes are made of merino wool and designed to be worn with or without socks. However, some people prefer to wear socks with their Allbirds shoes. Socks can help protect your feet from blisters and keep them warm in colder weather. If you choose … Read more

12 Best Boot Dryers

Best Boot Dryer

While boots can be a symbol of prestige and style, soaking wet ones are no fun. Inserting your feet in shoes that aren’t completely dry and crisp doesn’t only result in a terrible experience, but moisture can easily damage the material of your expensive footwear. Given that boots are multilayered with thick material, they are … Read more

10 Best Boot Laces

Best Boot Laces

A lot of people pay minimal attention to shoelaces when they are buying boots. However, boot laces are particularly important for the safety and security of your feet, particularly if you work in a potentially hazardous factory environment or are a tactical survivor. Additionally, choosing custom-sized shoelaces is much better for the health of your … Read more

7 Different Types of Insoles

Types of Insoles

Finding the perfect fit when shoe shopping can be a near-impossible task. Most shoes are made with little built-in support, which can take a toll on your feet, ankles, and even your back. Adding insoles to your shoes can help to make them more comfortable and give you the support that you need as you … Read more

10 Best Work Socks

Best Work Socks

The benefits of wearing socks go far beyond keeping your feet comfortable. But rather, wearing socks is crucial regardless of who you are or what you do. Apart from keeping your feet comfortable and warm, socks also allow people to flaunt their style statement with the different colors and textures they chose. Socks also help … Read more

5 Different Types of Shoelaces

Types of Shoelaces

You have shoes, but you’ve probably never thought much about your shoelaces. You probably don’t know what kind of material they’re made from, what type of lace you have, or anything else other than the color of your laces. We’re here to educate you on the kinds of shoelaces that exist and the types of … Read more

12 Different Types of Shoe Racks

Types of Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are essential for maintaining an organization. While you might not give them much thought, there are lots of different types of racks to choose from beyond the standard one seen in the photo. To learn more about shoe racks — and find which one is the best for you — check out this … Read more

10 Best Boot Socks

Brown hiking shoes

We might not give it much thought, but any outdoor boot is only as good as the layer of fabric that sits between them and your feet: your socks. Considering the socks you wear plays a key role in your feet’s comfort, it deserves a bit more attention. Whether you are going out on a … Read more