12 Best Shoe Cleaners

Best Shoe Cleaners

Best Shoe Cleaners. When you put on a new pair of shoes for the first time, they look great. They’re in pristine condition, and you can’t stop looking at how perfect they are on your feet. Then, you walk out the door. Maybe you step in a puddle as you’re getting out of your car. … Read more

11 Best Shoe Deodorizer

Best Shoe Deodorizer

Shoes get stinky. It’s a fact of life. Wearing smelly shoes can be embarrassing, though. When they’re at their worst, your footwear can emit an odor that other people detect as you’re sitting at your desk or walking through your house. You may not want to take off your shoes when you go to friends’ … Read more

10 Best Electric Socks

Best Electric Socks

Keeping your feet warm in the cold of winter doesn’t have to be an issue. Whether you’re getting ready for a weekend hunting trip, hitting the slopes, or heading out for a beautiful hike, electric socks can help to keep your feet warm, and the rest of you warm. Here’s how our feet help to … Read more

11 Best Compression Socks for Nurses

Best Compression Socks for Nurses

Nurses have a very stressful job. Not only are you caring for the health of others, from simple coughs and colds to complicated surgery recoveries, but you also work long shifts that require you to be on your feet for several hours at a time. The constant standing, walking, and sometimes running can really do … Read more

14 Best Thermal Socks

Best Thermal Socks

It’s beginning to look a lot like… ice, snow, and bitter cold. As the weather turns colder, your feet are often the first parts of your body to feel the shift. When you pull out your scarves and gloves, don’t forget protection for your feet! Have you noticed how quickly your feet get cold when … Read more

10 Best Insoles for High Arches

Best Insoles for High Arches

While the kind of footwear you wear can have an impact on your feet, one of the major reasons you experience foot pain is caused by something else i.e. the shape of your feet. Sometimes, the shape of your feet can cause several issues for you to deal with. People who have high foot arches … Read more

10 Best Socks for Hunting

Best Socks for Hunting

Anyone who’s spent time outdoors knows that cold feet can ruin a hunting trip. Boots aren’t enough to keep your feet warm, so you must wear the right socks. If you want to stay toasty while walking through the woods, or perched up in a deer stand, you don’t want to be wearing a pair … Read more

10 Best Socks for Athlete’s Foot

Best Socks for Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot—you do your best to avoid it. You wear flip flops in the locker room. You dry your feet well after every shower. But if you’ve ever had it, you know how annoying it can be. And getting rid of it can be frustrating. Some people are more susceptible to athlete’s foot than others. … Read more

11 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Sweaty feet can be a persistent and uncomfortable problem for many people. While there are many different ways to address the issue of sweaty feet, one of the easiest ways to do so is with better shoes or socks. Not only can sweaty feet be annoying, but they can lead to persistent health problems over … Read more

12 Best Hiking Socks

Best Hiking Socks

While most hikers spend no small amount of time and effort looking for the perfect boots, many tend to forget the importance of the socks underneath. Even the most expensive, top-of-the-line hiking boots can’t protect your feet from the elements without a little bit of help. The socks that you wear can make a huge … Read more

10 Best Shoe Glues

Best Shoe Glue

Well-loved shoes will bear the test of time — holes, cracks, and even splitting away from the sole. While you love your shoes, you might not like the wear and tear you’ve done to them. You will need some of the best shoe glues to keep up with the deterioration! Shoe glue allows you to … Read more

11 Best Shoe Stretchers

Best Shoe Stretcher

Best Shoe Stretchers. You’re at the thrift store and find the perfect pair of shoes. They match your style, your personality, and they look great on you. One problem — they’re a little too small for you. You bought them anyway because they were so cute, but they’re too uncomfortable to wear for long. It’s … Read more

12 Best Foot Massagers

Best Foot Massagers

Best Foot Massagers. From teachers to waiters/waitresses, to athletes, many of us know what it’s like to come home with achy feet after a long day. Several occupations require long standing hours and a lot of walking. According to a recent study conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, 818 of 1,082 respondents claimed to … Read more

11 Best Foot Spas

Best Foot Spas

Best Foot Spas. Many of us come home at the end of the day with sore feet. Regardless of whether you’re up and moving all day or sitting behind a desk, the stress of daily life can take a toll on our soles. Unfortunately, many people dismiss foot pain as either insignificant or unavoidable. They … Read more

13 Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day Long

Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day Long

Does your job require you to stand on your feet all day? Deflating your bank account and buying a pair of new kicks is not always a feasible option. Why spend a bulk of money on new shoes when you can simply replace the insole of your old pair with one of the best shoe … Read more

10 Best Insoles for Boots Too Big

Best Insoles for Boots Too Big

Insoles — who really cares about them? How many times have you ever thought about getting insoles for your shoes? Most of us do not think about getting insoles, but if you have boots that are too big for you, finding the best insoles should be on your mind. Apart from wearing insoles for shoes … Read more

10 Best Non Slip Spray for Shoes

Your sports shoes can become a major disappointment when you’re playing an indoor or outdoor game on a slippery surface. In this case, even running and other intensive and rigorous sports games will become too difficult for your shoes to handle. Another issue you will come across with the soles of your shoes is them … Read more

10 Best Magnetic Shoe Inserts

Best Magnetic Shoe Inserts

If you paid attention during science class, you’d know that the earth is surrounded by a powerful magnetic field. Birds to navigate while migrating from one place to another and bacteria orient themselves based on the magnetic pull. This invisible magnetic field also protects us from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, deflecting it before … Read more

14 Best Insoles for Cowboy Boots

Best Insoles for Cowboy Boots

Historically, cowboy boots have been pretty famous, and not just because of how good they look, but also because they allowed horseback riders in the olden days to ride their horses without slipping. You have to admit; cowboy boots look pretty chic with their leather exterior and slight heel. They look even better if you … Read more

12 Best Shoe Horn

Best Shoe Horn

The best inventions are ones that are easy to use and that make your daily life easier. Shoe horns aren’t new – they’ve been around since as early as the 15th century – but their design hasn’t changed much since they were first created. What started out as a tool that made it easy for … Read more