How to Walk Without Creasing Shoes: Tips and Tricks

Are you tired of having to constantly iron your dress shoes to make them look presentable? If so, you are not alone. When walking in those shoes, you may easily crease the leather, ruining the look and making them appear worn out. As a shoe consultant and specialist for more than a decade, I’ve found the best way on how to walk without creasing shoes. From sneakers to running shoes, I’ve tried to wear them for almost 10 years to find the best way to not make them crease. So, keep on reading if you want to know my best tips!

how to walk without creasing shoes

Why Is Creasing Shoes Bad?

Creasing is a process where you bend the leather of the shoe to give it a more attractive look. It can be done to dress shoes, sneakers, or any other type of shoe with a leather upper. The goal is to give the shoe a natural look with creases that look similar to the creases that would form with wear and tear. Although it may make your shoes more attractive, it can actually lead to damaging the shoes in the long run.

Based on my 10 years experience as a shoe specialist, creasing shoes is actually bad for the shoe in the long run. It can weaken my leather shoes, making them more prone to cracking and splitting. It can also cause permanent damage to the shoe’s sole, making it more prone to coming apart. In the long term, the shoe creases can also be unattractive and make the shoe look more worn out than it actually is. Additionally, creasing shoes can reduce the shoe’s support and cushioning, leading to discomfort and potential injury.

how to walk without creasing shoes

What Promotes Crease in Footwear?

As a shoe consultant, I can say that creases in footwear are most often caused by poor fit or wearing the shoes too often. When a shoe is too tight, it can put excessive pressure on certain areas of the shoe, causing it to crease. Additionally, when a shoe is worn frequently, the materials used to make the shoe can break down and lose their shape, leading to creasing.

In addition, shoes made of materials like leather and suede are more prone to creasing than shoes made of canvas or synthetic materials. Older shoes are also more likely to crease as the material starts to break down over time due to wear and tear. To give you a better understanding, here are main creasing shoes factors and their disadvantages in the following table:

Creasing Shoes FactorsDisadvantagesWearing too oftenWeaken leather shoes, splitting/crackingShoes that are too big or smallDiscomfort and injuryWrong footworkLook worn out and less attractive
how to walk without creasing shoes

How Do I Keep My Sneakers From Creasing While Moving?

how to walk without creasing shoes

Creasing is a common issue for most people who are always on the go. Besides, it can be difficult to keep your sneakers looking pristine when you’re constantly on the move. Are you constantly on the move and worried your sneakers won’t make it in one piece? Don’t worry! As a shoe consultant and specialist, I’ve gathered simple ways to keep sneakers from creasing while moving. Let me give you top 5 tips on how to make sure your shoes stay crease-free during traveling in the following table.

NoTipsHow ToBenefits
1.Remove creases with an iron, blowdryer, or steamerIron: Set the iron to a low setting and allow it to heat up.Place the iron over the damp cloth and press gently. Move the iron in small circles until the crease is removed. Allow the shoe to air dry completely before wearing.
Blowdryer:Turn the blow dryer to a low setting and aim it at the crease.Move the dryer over the area in circular motions until the crease is removed. 
Steamer:. Fill a steamer with water and turn it on. Place the steamer’s head over the crease and allow the steam to penetrate the fabric. Move the steamer in small circles until the crease is removed. Allow the shoe to cool before wearing.
Effective for severe creasesIdeal for any type of shoes
2.Store your shoes with shoe trees or shoe hornsUse shoe trees and shoe horns while storing shoes (Recommended tips by Nike Experts)Preserve the shape and condition of shoes.Keep the leather of your shoes from becoming misshapen and also help absorb moisture.Help you get your shoes on and off more easily, which helps prevent stretching and creasing. Reduce wear and tear on the back of your shoes.
3.Alternate your shoesChange a few pairs of shoes during the week if you can.Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes every day can cause excessive wear on certain parts of the shoes.  Lessen the wear in certain spots and help them last longer.Prevent the development of odors and bacteria.
4.Create DIY padding inserts with your socksRoll the toes of a second pair of thick socks as you put them on.Add extra comfort and cushioning to your shoes Reduces foot painImproves supportPrevent blisters5.Tighten up your shoelaces properlyWrap the top lace under the bottom lace and pull it through. Make a loop with each end of the shoelace (“bunny ears”). Cross them and pull one loop through the “hole.” Pull tight by holding each loop at the topProvide safety and comfort of your feet. Prevent slipping around in the shoes.Ensure a snug fit and proper support for your feet.Experts from recommend this since it may also prevent blisters and bruises in your toenail because of foot movement.

Smart Habits To Prevent Creasing Shoes

Besides, there are more smart ways to keep your sneakers from creasing while moving. Instead of investing or purchasing things to remove shoe creases, you can do these good habits to prevent it. With more than 10 years experience in this field, I would say that these tips below are also ideal preventive action for shoe creasing. Let’s check this out! 

  • Avoiding crouching and kneeling

Kneeling down in your brand-new shoes could result in permanent creases. So, I recommend you to remove your shoes before going low if you must. Kneeling exerts significant pressure on toe box creases, which is a surefire way to get wrinkles. Besides, crouching and kneeling while wearing shoes also can put a lot of pressure on your feet, ankles and knees, leading to pain and even long-term damage. Additionally, shoes can make it harder to maintain your balance while in these positions, leading to a greater risk of injury.

  • Maintain good posture

Maintaining excellent posture will enable you to walk with less creasing over time. I’ve tried this method and this is beneficial for my shoes and my health as well.  You can walk with your back straight and shoulders back. It will be simpler to walk with your feet flat and your heels leading if you refrain from hunching over.

Moreover, good posture also helps to improve the overall look of your outfit, making you appear more polished and professional. According to a study from, a good posture also helps to improve your blood circulation and reduce fatigue. So, as a shoe consultant for a decade, I totally recommend this good habit!

  • Walk heel-to-toe

Stressing out the front of your shoes exacerbates creases. Meanwhile, your shoes will be less prone to wrinkles if you take the lead from your heels. You can reduce wrinkles over time by shifting your weight to the back of your shoe towards the heel. This is another technique to prevent shoe creases.

When you wear shoes with a proper heel-to-toe fit, you will feel more comfortable walking without creasing your shoes. Besides, it helps to ensure that the foot is properly supported, which can help to reduce the risk of ankle sprains and other foot injuries.

  • Fitted Shoe Purchase

Fitted shoe purchase is important to reduce shoe creasing because it ensures that the shoe fits correctly and comfortably. According to a study from Geriatric Orthopaedic Surgery Rehabilitation Journal, the right shoes increase comfort and minimize the amount of stress put on the shoe, which prevents it from creasing. Additionally, fitted shoes are more likely to provide better support, which keeps the shoe in the same shape for longer and reduces the chance of creasing.

  • Avoid using shoes often

As a shoe specialist, I’ve conducted research of using the same shoes versus different shoes for months. The result is that using them frequently causes severe shoe creasing. When you wear different shoes everyday for 4 weeks, it shows less wrinkles compared to the same shoes you use in the same period of time. You may find a crease in a certain area of the shoe. This is because this area experienced the same amount of stress and pressure regularly. 

In addition, wearing the same shoes makes my shoe material become weaker and prone to developing wrinkles and folds. Therefore, as a shoe consultant, I recommend alternating between different pairs of shoes. Allow your shoes to rest in between wears, so you can help to reduce the impact of creasing.

How To Fix Creases In Shoes

Having a crease in your favorite shoes can be a major bummer. It’s also a sign of wear and tear, which can be a bit depressing. Moreover, creases ruin the look of your favorite shoes that you have had for a long time. But fear not, there are a few ways to fix creases in your shoes and help them look good as new. Here are some tips on how to fix creases in shoes I’ve shared with my customers in the following table.

NoMethodSteps To FixRate
1.Heat Gun or Hair Dryer Place the shoe on a flat surface.Use the heat gun/hair dryer to heat the crease. Move the heat back and forth across the crease for a few minutes until you feel the material loosening. Using your fingers, gently press down and smooth the crease back out.9/10 (Highly recommended)
(Nike Experts suggests this method for leather shoes)
2.Shoe Stretch SpraySimply spray the chemical on your shoes.Wait for a few hours, allow the spray to take the full effect.Reapply when needed.8.5/10 (Recommended)
3.Shoe TreesStretch your shoe back to its natural shape to get rid of creases8/10 (Recommended)

How To Not Crease Your Shoes Air Force Ones

how to walk without creasing shoes

Many people wear Air Force Ones for medium to high activities such as a night out and run errands everyday. No matter how hard you try, it can be difficult to not crease shoes, keeping them looking fresh and new. Your favorite shoes, the Air Force One, is no exception. As a shoe specialist, I’ve discussed with Nike Experts on how to prevent your Air Force 1 from creasing. If you want to make sure that you keep this everyone’s favorite go-to shoe looking as crisp and clean as possible, simply follow the following tips on how to not crease Air Force Ones.

1.Invest in a Shoe Tree
How To:Simply  insert a shoe tree into your Air Force Ones.
Absorb moistureMinimize creases and keep your shoes looking brand new.Not effective for severe creaseOnly minimize shoe crease
2.Avoid Tight Lacing
How To:When tightening your Air Force Ones, keep your laces a bit looser.
Prevent crease and stretch on leather materialOnly effective in certain area3.Stuff Your Shoes (Recommended tips by Wearablyweird Shoe Experts)
How To:Stuff them with newspaper or a soft cloth. Or, you can put a pair of socks into each foot when not wearing your Air Forces to keep the shape.
Fill gapsKeep the shapeOnly for oversized shoes
4.Wear The Right Size
How To:Purchase your Air Forces half a size smaller than your usual size. For example, I normally wear a UK 6; so I usually purchase a UK 5.5.
Comfortable to wearLess pressure on the shoesCannot remove crease

How To Walk Without Creasing Dunks

how to walk without creasing shoes

Many people love wearing Dunks because of its various colors, comfort, and durability. Sometimes, creases are an undesirable thing that happens while walking in Dunks. Fortunately, there are some ways to prevent creasing Dunks. Walking in your favorite Nike Dunks without creasing them is an art form I’ve learned from Nike enthusiasts. Let me share some tips on how I master the art of keeping my Dunks fresh!

1.Wear Them The Right Way
How To:Make sure that your laces are snug but not too tight.Shoe experts from Fashion and Mash suggest wearing them in dry conditions since Dunks are composed of some leather materials.
Keep the laces at the right tension.Comfortable to wear.Prevent your foot from moving around too much inside the shoes.Cannot remove crease
2.Avoid Dragging Your Feet
How To:Strike the ground first with your heel.Roll through the step from heel to toe.Push off with your toes.Bring the back leg forward to strike again with the heel.
Reduce bad walking habitsPrevent the material of the Dunks to stretch and creaseTake a certain time to change habits
3.Give Your Shoes A Break
How To:Give your shoes a break every once in a while. Take a few days off from wearing one pair of shoes to others everyday.
Wear variety of shoes everydayPrevent creasing at the same spot too oftenYou should have many shoes
4.Use A Shoe Tree
How To:Insert immediately after you take of your shoes.
Keep the original shape Stop them from crumplingEffective to remove creaseGreat quality shoe trees are costly5.Store Them Properly
How To:Place the shoes in a shoe box or dust bag.Avoid extreme temperatures as well as moisture, such as a damp basement or attic.
Longer shoe lifespan Help absorb moistureKeep the shape of the shoeNeed to invest in a proper storage (cost)

Shoe Crease Protector

how to walk without creasing shoes

Shoe crease protector is a simple yet effective product that prevents creases from forming on your shoes. It is made of a thin and flexible material that is easily applied to the surface of your shoes. By providing a barrier between the material of your shoe and the surface you walk on, it helps to reduce the amount of friction created when you walk. This prevents the fabric of your shoes from becoming creased and scuffed.

As a shoe consultant with more than 10 years experience, I’ve tried many shoe crease protectors that are the best on the market so far, rating 9/10. These crease guards are made with a patented design that avoids creasing and wear indicators in shoes, sneakers, and boots. They are cozy and simple to wear. 

Made of soft, malleable foam, they are simple to insert in the toe box of your shoes. They are breathable thanks to the ventilated upper, and they stay in place all day thanks to the adhesive coating. Therefore, I recommend you to use these crease guards for footwear such as Air Force 1, Jordan 1, Nike SB, and more.

How To Not Crease Your Shoes Without Crease Protectors

how to walk without creasing shoes

Nobody likes the look of creased shoes. Unfortunately, creasing is an inevitable part of wearing shoes, especially if they are of the leather variety. Even with the most careful of wear, leather shoes will crease over time, leaving you with a less-than-desirable look. But all is not lost! As a professional shoe specialist, I have compiled simple steps you can take to keep your shoes from creasing, or at least minimize the amount of creasing!

1.Wear the Right Size
How To:The best way to choose shoe size according to experts from Beezly is by checking the gap at the back of your shoes once you push forward your feet into the front of the shoes.
Or, your shoes should have about one finger’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
Comfortable while walkingPrevent injuryCannot remove shoe crease2.Alternate Shoes
How To:Alternate between a few pairs of shoes, giving a chance to rest and recover from the wear and tear of the day.
Experts suggest that you must have at least two pairs of shoes or even more that you use for work. 
Give shoes a rest and recover time from the wear and tearIdeal to prevent creasing in leather shoesYou should buy several shoes
3.Condition Your Shoes
How To:Apply a leather conditioner regularly.Before you wear your shoes, apply a quality, leather-safe shoe cream.
Effective to remove and prevent creasingKeeps the leather soft and suppleCostly
4.Avoid Tight Lacing
How To:Try to use a looser lacing pattern when tying your shoesComfortable to wearPrevent the leather of your shoes to become stretched and distortedOnly prevent creasing in the certain area5.
Stuff Shoes with Paper
How To:Stuff paper inside, preventing the material of the shoe from creasing when it is pushed against other surfacesAffordable methodAbsorb moistureKeep shoes in shapeIdeal for storing running shoesNot effective for all type of shoes

How Not To Crease Shoes Jordan 1

how to walk without creasing shoes

If you own a pair of Jordans, you know how important it is to protect them from creasing. Creasing can drastically reduce the value of your shoes and make them look worn and used. Therefore, let me share simple steps you can take from a professional point of view to avoid creasing and keep your Jordan 1 looking good for longer.

1.Use A Shoe Protector(such as shoe trees and shoe protector spray)
How To:Use shoe tree or shoe protector spray to shoes after you take them off.
Shoe trees effective to remove shoe creaseShoe protector spray protect shoes from damage and reduce creasing Suitable for any shoe typeCostly
2.Wear Thick Socks
How To:Insert thick socks in the shoes to fill small gapsFill gap insideProvide comfort while wearing shoesOnly for oversized shoes3.
Store Your Shoes Properly
How To:Store your shoes in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.Keep them away from humid areas and away from any kind of moisture.
Keep the shoe lifespan longerNeed to invest in a proper storage
4.Rotate Your Shoes (Recommended tips by Kicksguru experts)
How To:Wear different shoes on different days 
Reduce the amount of wear on any one shoe Effective to prevent shoe creaseNeed to have several shoes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Crease Protectors Work?

Yes, crease protectors do work. The purpose of a crease protector is to prevent the folding and creasing of fabrics and other materials, such as paper and cardboard. Crease protectors are usually made of a material with a low friction coefficient, such as polyethylene, which prevents the fabric from sticking to the creases and keeps them from forming. The material also helps reduce the amount of static electricity in the fabric, which can cause the fabric to bunch up or wrinkle.

Do Jordan 1s Look Better Creased?

Yes, Jordan 1s look better creased. Some people say Jordan 1s age is like wine, with the exception of some colors. They still look fantastic with a little creasing just like they did when you first put them on. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what look they prefer. Suppose you are looking for more tips on how to walk without creasing shoes, please refer to the article above.

Do Jordan 13 crease easily?

Yes, Jordan 13s can crease easily. This is due to the type of leather used to make the shoes. Jordan 13s are made with a full-grain leather upper, which is more prone to creasing than other types of leather. One of the smallest and lowest profile toe boxes Jordan produces is found on the Jordan 13 silhouette. As a result, there is a great chance that the shoe will develop side and toe box wrinkles that are very noticeable.

Do bigger shoes crease more?

Yes, bigger shoes may crease more. It is because they have more surface area and are more likely to be bent during wear. They also may have more weight, which can cause creasing. Make sure you buy the proper size of shoe. If you are looking for tips on how to walk without creasing shoes, you can check the article above.

Why do dunks crease so easily?

Dunks crease so easily because they are made of a combination of leather and suede, which are both relatively soft materials that can easily be creased or scuffed. The creasing occurs when the upper material moves and rubs against the sole of the shoe, which causes it to bend in place and form a crease. For more tips on how to walk without creasing shoes, please read the article above.


To walk without creasing shoes, it is important to take the time to break them in properly, wear them with the right type of socks, and use shoe trees or other methods to maintain their shape when not in use. I hope you can prevent creasing on your shoes by reading this article. Taking these simple tips and tricks will ensure that your shoes stay looking fresh for many years to come.