How to Clean Air Jordan and Maintain Their Values

Michael Jordan isn’t only known for his great ability on a basketball court. It appears that his legacy can also be seen through the awesome Air Jordan lines, courtesy of his partnership with Nike. As a matter of fact, Air Jordan is probably the first signature sneakers marketed by a huge brand. Currently, there are a lot of Air Jordan models that you can collect and use. 

Despite their awesome range of shoe models, Air Jordans aren’t that cheap to buy. Therefore, collectors would want to keep them in fresh shape in order to preserve their value. The older a pair of Jordan shoes get, the more expensive they can be, provided that they’re still in great condition. Therefore, you might want to know some cool ways to clean Air Jordan shoes. I have tried some of these methods below, and let me tell you that it really works all the time!


how to clean air jordan

I love Air Jordan shoes to death, and there’s a high chance that you do too. But why are they so loved by almost every shoe collector in the world? Remember when I told you before that the Air Jordan I was the first ever signature sneakers ever? Yep, that alone is a cool milestone that will always be credited to the Jordans. 

Nike offers a lot of cool sneakers that people can buy and collect. However, the Air Jordan line always seems to stand out. Another particular reason that you should know is their quality, both in the material used and user experience. These are, after all, shoes that are made to satisfy the G.O.A.T.’s standard. Need I remind you that they also look cool and unique?


Air Jordan sneakers are built to be the best basketball shoes out there in the market. It makes perfect sense that they’re durable and strong. However, I can’t really say a specific time period for your Air Jordan. It all depends on how often you use them and how you can take care of them. But worry not! Even if you use them regularly, a pair of Air Jordans can last from 3 to 5 years. If you use them once in a while, it may even last for more than 10 years! 

It’s important to note that storing them in a box without using them doesn’t mean that it would be preserved. Yes, it might last longer than a pair of shoes that are used daily, but it won’t be as long-lasting as Air Jordans that are still used once in a while. 


how to clean air jordan

Nope, it’s not safe at all to clean your Air Jordans. As a matter of fact, you should avoid using washing machines for any kind of sneakers, provided that you’d want them to last longer than expected. The risk of damaging your shoes by using a washing machine is too big a risk that you don’t want to take. 

When you’re putting your sneakers inside a washing machine, they’ll collide with lots of stuff. That’s the reason why they might get damaged during the process. That being said, I still recommend you to use warm water and clean your sneakers manually. I won’t give the full details here, as it will be discussed later on in the article, so make sure to stick around!

HOW TO CLEAN JORDANS SHOELACES? (for colored, white, leather shoelaces)

how to clean air jordan

Cleaning Air Jordans shoelaces is like cleaning any other shoelaces. However, I do agree that different types of shoelaces might require different attention. For instance, white shoelaces will have different steps compared to the colored ones. 

When you’re cleaning shoelaces, you can use a washing machine to help the cause. I personally prefer to use a washing machine to clean my Air Jordan’s shoelaces, as it will be faster and more effective to clean shoelaces that aren’t too dirty. But for those of you who’d like some old fashion tricks to do the job, please pay attention to these steps below! 

  • White Shoelaces: White shoelaces are the only type of laces that are allowed to be washed by bleach. I used bleach to clean any white shoes or shoelaces, as in my opinion, they are the most effective material to clean white items.
    • Prepare a bleach solution by mixing it with a bucket of water. 
    • Clean your laces with a brush. Make sure to do this step before using the bleach solution. 
    • Soak your white shoelaces in the bleach solution. Wait for 5-10 minutes. 
    • You can rub and clean the laces inside the solution to help eliminate the stains faster. However, make sure to use gloves to protect your hands. 
    • Let them dry before putting them on your shoes again. 
  • Colored Shoelaces: Never ever use bleach to clean your shoelaces, otherwise it would damage them. You can simply clean them by rinsing the laces in the sink. However, I find it most of the time that it won’t be successful. Therefore, you could try to use these steps below. I got a better result using this trick rather than simply soaking them in the sink.
    • Prepare detergent or mild dish soap. 
    • Rinse your shoelaces with water to make them wet. 
    • Rub the detergent or mild dish soap across the shoelaces. As an alternative, you can also fill the sink with water and drop some soap to create a bubbly mixture. Then, you can soak the laces for 15-20 minutes.
    • Rinse the laces once more to get rid of the detergent or mild soap. 
    • Let them dry before putting them on your shoes once more. 
  • Leathered Shoelaces: Out of all three types of shoelaces, the leathered shoelaces must be the hardest one to clean, as it’s made of sensitive material.
    • Prepare a cloth that has been dampened in warm water. 
    • Rub the cloth across the Air Jordan shoelaces to remove loose dirt and stains. 
    • When the cloth has dried up, soak it with warm water and repeat the process once more. Make sure to use strength when you come across hardened dirt or stains. 


how to clean air jordan

You really don’t need to sweat over ways to clean your Air Jordan. The only thing that you should worry about is to clean them carefully! As a matter of fact, experts have a similar way in dealing with dirty Air Jordans like I do. So, before I proceed to tell you my own take to clean a pair of Air Jordan shoes, I’m going to refer to a cool trick made by the Toronto Shoe Laundry! Yes, I have tried this method as well. It works great for my Air Jordan!

  • Prepare a pair of dirty Air Jordans and remove the shoelaces. Prepare the necessary kits as well, such as a soft brush and cloth. If possible, make sure to prepare a microfiber towel or cloth. 
  • Brush the sneakers with the shoe brush that I have mentioned before. Make sure to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning the upper part of your shoes
  • Use a microfiber towel that has been soaked with water and wipe it across the shoe’s surface. You can also soak it with a solution that has been mixed with mild soap. 
  • If you use soap to clean your shoes, then make sure to get rid of them before drying your shoes completely. 
  • Put the shoelaces back on and your Air Jordan sneakers are ready to be back in action.


  • ShoeCleaner: A special shoe detergent needed to clean your Air Jordans. 
  • Apron: Not an obligatory item, but it will come in handy when we’re talking about keeping your shirt clean while washing your sneakers
  • Premium Brush: Used to clean the upper part of your Air Jordans that is usually made up of canvas, suede, leather, synthetic leather, mesh, knit, nubuck, and many more. 
  • Medium Brush: Used to clean your Air Jordan sneaker’s midsole section. 
  • Standard Brush: Used to clean your sneaker’s outsole section.
  • Small Brush or Toothbrush: This type of brush will come in handy when it comes to cleaning the inner part of your Air Jordan that is usually hard to reach. 
  • Microfiber Cloth: Used to wipe Air Jordans clean from dirt and stains. 
  • Shoe Tree: Essential item to keep your sneaker’s basic structure intact. 
  • Container/Pan: Used to store water that will be mixed with Shoe Perfume in order to generate a certain odor for your shoes. 


  • The Upper Part of Your Air Jordan. This section can be found on the upper part of your Air Jordan shoes. Premium Brush will be used in order to prevent damage to the upper part of your sneakers.
  • Midsole: The side sole section of an Air Jordan. To clean the midsole, we suggest you use Medium Brush, as midsoles can often get damaged and dirty due to usage.
  • Outsole, or the lower part of a sneaker: To clean an Air Jordan’s outsole, you can use a standard brush that is strong and sturdy. This way, dirt and stains from your outsole might be cleaned easily. 


  • Prepare the Air Jordan sneakers that you want to clean:

A pair of dirty Air Jordan shoes, or a pair of Air Jordan shoes that needs to be regularly cleaned. 

  • Prepare the material needed to clean your Air Jordans:

Prepare the Shoe Cleaner, apron, Premium Brush, Medium Brush, Standard Brush, Small Brush, Microfiber Cloth, 2 pieces of Shoe Tree, and a container to store water and Shoe Perfume. 

  • Remove the laces from your Air Jordan sneakers:

It’s recommendable to remove the lace from your Air Jordan shoes. From past experience, I have learned that cleaning Air Jordan sneakers with their shoelaces isn’t effective, as the shoelaces will get in the way from certain parts of the shoes. 

This is an essential step, as a Shoetree will be important to maintain the shape of your sneaker when it’s being washed. However, make sure to remove the insole before inserting a Shoe tree. Make sure not to force it, though! Sometimes, removing an insole isn’t possible. 

  • Dry-clean the Sneakers

Before washing the sneakers with water, we need to brush the upper part and midsole with a premium brush to wipe off debris and dirt that is often found on the shoes. 

  • Wash the Outsole and Midsole

During this cleaning stage, you can use a Standard Brush. Make sure to use all your strength when cleaning the outsole, as it’s naturally the dirtiest part of a shoe, or an Air Jordan in this case.

As soon as you have finished cleaning the outsole, you can proceed by cleaning the midsole with a Medium Brush. This time, patience and diligence are needed, as there will be a lot of dirty spots that are hard to clean.  

  • Wash the Inner and Outer Part of the Upper Section of Your Sneakers

Let’s discuss the trick to clean the outer part first. To clean the outer part of the upper section of your Air Jordans, you’ll need to use the soft and gentle Premium Brush. After brushing it, you can wipe the dirt and stains with a microfiber cloth. 

When you’re trying to clean the inner part, you can use a toothbrush or small brush. From past experiences, I’ve learned that you shouldn’t force your way into cleaning the inner section with a Premium Brush. For instance, my hand is too big to clean the inner part, let alone my brush. Therefore, using toothbrush will guarantee my shoes from getting damaged.                                   

  • Detailing

Use a wet microfiber cloth to clean details on your sneakers that are dirty, which are normally found on your midsole or outsole. Using a microfiber cloth would be better than a wet tissue, as a microfiber cloth will be able to absorb dirt and water better. 

You should remember that your shoelaces haven’t been cleaned yet at this point in time. Therefore, you can soak them inside a bucket of water that has been mixed with your Shoe Cleaner. Then, dry them off with a microfiber cloth. 

  • Drying Process

Dry off your shoes by using a fan. As an alternative, you can also dry it by waving your hands or placing the shoes in a cold area with minimal moisture. Try not to dry the sneakers by placing it under direct sunlight, as it can damage the glue or paint of said shoes

  • Finishing 

Once all necessary parts are dry, then you can place the insole back inside the Air Jordan sneakers. The same thing also goes for the laces. Now, your Air Jordan is back in action and looks fresh again!



Make sure to be weary of the material of your Air Jordan. Each Air Jordan has different material and color

Store your Air Jordans in a well-circulated area

Clean your shoes after usage. 


Don’t store your Air Jordan sneakers inside their original box, or even worse, a plastic bag

Never leave them under direct contact with the sunlight

Don’t use alcohol to clean your Air Jordan sneakers


how to clean air jordan

Cleaning a pair of white Air Jordans will be a lot trickier or simpler than colored Air Jordans, depending on how you view it. It could be simpler due to the presence of bleach as an option that you can use. However, you should still be careful when cleaning white Air Jordans, as they are prone to damage!

Here are some household items that you can use to aid your cause:

  • Dry Brush
  • Bleach
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Shoe Cleaner. It’s recommendable to store it inside a spray bottle

Now let’s get into the fun part, shall we?

  • Remove the laces from your shoes and clean them (see the previous parts for the detailed steps)
  • Using a soft brush, you can try and remove the dirt and stains located on the upper section of your Air Jordan sneakers
  • Try to spray the Shoe Cleaner solution mentioned before. Make sure that the Shoe Cleaner is able to cover all parts of your shoe (or, at least, the dirt parts)
  • Dip your brush into a bucket of water. Then, brush it across your shoes
  • Wipe the shoes to make it dry
  • If your shoes are still dirty, you can try to soak it inside a bucket of bleach solution for around 5-10 minutes

I love using homemade items to clean my shoes, as they won’t cost a lot of money and can still be effective in eliminating dirt and stains. Therefore, you should also try it out!


How To Clean Air Jordan 1s: Step By Step Guide

The entire article is all about ways to clean your Air Jordans. Therefore, I’m not going to state the obvious and repeat the things that I’ve mentioned before. I’m just going to say that it’s best to clean your shoes manually rather than use a washing machine. I’ve tried using a washing machine before. Although it doesn’t manage to break my shoes, I wouldn’t want to risk it one more time. 

Furthermore, you also need to make sure to clean them carefully and with the right tools. When handled correctly, you’ll be looking at a pair of highly valuable Air Jordans that can last for a lifetime. 


Cleaning a pair of Air Jordans isn’t the only thing that is required to prolong your sneakers. As a matter of fact, you also need to take good care of them by paying attention to these things:

  • Use the correct cleaning kit. It would be a shame if you let your Air Jordan get scratched or damaged due to the usage of cheap cleaning kits, right?
  • Clean your Air Jordans as often as possible to keep their value high. A high-valued sneaker can be sold at a high price. 
  • Store your shoes in a clean state. Never store them when they’re still dirty.
  • It’s highly recommended to use Air Jordans only for indoor activities. Outdoor activities have a higher chance to make your shoes dirty. 

How Do You Remove Creases from Air Jordans?

The best way to remove creases that can be found on your Air Jordans is by using an anti-crease kit. Normally, creases can be found on the toe cap of an Air Jordan. However, I prefer to use an iron to “steam” your shoes. However, make sure to cover your shoes with a cloth first!

How Do You Keep Jordans in Good Condition?

There are a lot of ways to keep your Air Jordans in good condition. Aside from the most obvious way (to clean them, duh!), you also need to take good care of them. Here are some things that I normally do (and some I’d avoid) to keep your Jordans in good condition: 

  • Never let your Jordans get too dirty. Clean them at least once every week (or two, depending on how often you use them).
  • Avoid using a washing machine to clean your Air Jordans.
  • Avoid leaving them under direct contact with the sunlight. 
  • Clean them regularly, especially when you use them every day

Should I Spray My Jordans?

Yes, using a spray to clean your Air Jordans would be lovely. As a matter of fact, I have recommended this trick earlier on in the article. It is a great alternative compared to chucking your Air Jordans inside a washing machine, so try it out!

Deodorizing Your Shoes

Deodorizing a pair of Air Jordans is the right move for those of you who own smelly sneakers. At the same time, eliminating bad odors from your shoes is easy. All you need to do is find a good shoe perfume with a nice odor that you love. Then, spray the perfume onto your lovely Air Jordans.  

How Do I Keep My Jordans from Turning Yellow? 

A yellowing Air Jordan is the result of neglection in your part to clean your Air Jordans regularly. That’s the reason why you should clean your Air Jordans regularly. If you do this on a regular basis, I guarantee you that your Air Jordans won’t turn yellow. 


How do you clean the fabric part of Jordans?

Air Jordans are made from different materials. If you have a pair of Air Jordans that were made from suede, you can clean them by using a premium brush. Here’s a simple way to clean the fabric part of Air Jordans:

–          As always, try to remove the laces from your Air Jordans before cleaning any part of the shoe.

–          Prepare a brush and a bucket of water that has been mixed with the Shoe Cleaner detergent.

–          Make sure to soak the brush with a little water.

–          Brush the shoes gently and slowly.

–          Wait for the shoes to dry before putting the laces back on.  

Can you use rubbing alcohol on Jordans?

I’d never recommend rubbing alcohol on your Air Jordan sneakers. Alcohol has a high chance of ruining your shoes, so make sure to stay away from this item. 

Can baking soda clean Jordans?

Baking soda can definitely be used to clean an Air Jordan. However, baking soda can only be compatible with white Air Jordans. There’s a chance that it will ruin the color of non-white Air Jordans, so don’t ever think of using it!

If you do have white Air Jordans, you might want to follow this method below:

–          Remove the shoelaces from your Air Jordan sneakers

–          Prepare the baking soda mixture by mixing it inside a bucket of water

–          Prepare a soft brush or a toothbrush and dip it inside the mixture

–          Brush your shoes gently to remove any dirt or stains

–          Rinse them with water to remove the baking soda mixture

–          Let you shoes dry for a while before storing them once more


Air Jordans are a series of cool sneakers that can be collected by sneaker lovers all around the world. Normally, they’d have the same kind of treatments that other sneakers have. The only thing that you need to pay attention to is the material that made up your Air Jordans, as different material will require different tricks. If you manage to clean them and take good care of them, Air Jordans can last for a lifetime for you to enjoy (or sell at a profit!).