New Year, New Design, New Shoes

Hi! I know – I’m way overdue for an update on my shoes and life. First, here are the shoes I purchased during the holidays, sale season and other shoes I’ve been wearing recently:

Brian Atwood Black Diamond Shoe

Brian Atwood Black Diamond sandals from the Fall 2011 collection


Jimmy Choo Vita black patent peep-toe platform slingback
This style runs small; I suggest going a half size up. You can them online in nude leather, blue watersnake, and muti-glitter at Nordstrom.


Azzedine Alaïa from the Fall 2011 collection; one size left in suede at The Outnet
I know there are many avid Alaïa lovers and I love their shoes as well however I’ve been disappointed in the quality for the past couple seasons. I’ve worn these twice and the leather laces are starting to shred : (. I know June Ambrose tweeted about her Alaïa platform falling off and Tina from Bag Snob wrote about her Alaïa sandals falling apart…


Donna Karan platform sandals from Spring 2011
This was one of my favorite shoe collections last year. You can find these in gold on sale at Yoox, and there’s other spring styles from this collection at Yoox and Zappos.


Christian Louboutin Spring 2008 123 Scarpe triple platform slingbacks
I came across these online at Yoogi’s last year and had to have them. They’ve been seen on Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Lady Gaga and Leighton Meester. I’m so drawn to the ice blue color and call them my Easter heels.


Tabitha Simmons Betsy Spring 2010 multicoloured silk with polka dots
These are my sister Abigail’s heels. I really wanted this adorable style and wish I could fit them!

I’m engaged! It was completely spontaneous and I’m so excited to spend my life with Max.  If you don’t know already…we sold everything (ok, except the shoes) and started traveling the world in April 2010. We both work online and travel with a carry-on suitcase (AH!). The wedding date hasn’t been planned yet and to be honest it will probably also be spontaneous; which means I have to start traveling with these shoes now.

Since this last post I’ve traveled to Las Vegas, Sarasota (FL), Miami, Playa del Carmen Mexico, Austin and back to Sarasota. Mexico is always relaxing and we went to Austin for South By Southwest. Right now, I’m in Florida and we’re planning to visit Los Angeles and Maui soon, then hopefully Paris & London in May.

ShoeRazzi really grew in 2011 and with the constant traveling I really wanted an assistant. It worked out so wonderfully because my sister Abigail wanted to work with me. She’s been assisting since October and I just hired her on full-time this month. I enjoy working with her and she gets my work habits, communication style, etc.  I’m training her to take over the celebrity spottings and collections so I can keep writing unique content, review new designs, meet designers, attend events and write more personal blog posts.

I met Heather through a friend a year ago. She’s fun, sincere and one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. She’s into everything from set, interior, web design and runs a really popular site called Hrrrthrrr. I love everything she creates and knew she would be fun to work with to help give ShoeRazzi a new look. Heather works with Josh who’s a WordPress/apps developer. A couple new functions I love about the site: instead of having short paragraph-length pages, you can now see several pages in each category, the adorable PULL tab in the top header (click it!), colors & design – it feels much more me. If you’re looking for a premium web site design you can contact Heather for rates and availability.

I really want to know your thoughts on the new design (please leave a comment!). As always, I’m so thankful for my readers and I feel so much support & love. My next blog post will be on my top 10 shoes I want this spring (I’m forcing myself to narrow it down to 10). Xo

15 Responses to New Year, New Design, New Shoes

  1. nluvwshoes says:

    Omg! Besides me loving the new shoes you’ve added to your collection, your new site and the great person you are I’m more excited to say congrats on the engagement! I am truly happy for you and Max! I know whenever this improtu wedding will take place your show game will be impeccable! I expect nothing but more traveling, great shoe sitings and even greater opportunities for you! Stay humble and congrats again! PS where is the pic of the rock!? Or did I miss it lol =) xx

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you! I don’t have a ring yet :) I have no idea what I want; probably a vintage jewel & my birthday is Sapphire. I always love hearing from you & hope you’re well X

  2. jo says:

    Congratulations! I love it all: new design, new shoes. I didn’t know that you sold everything and started travelling like that. I must say that you’re really courageous, I’m not sure that I would have balls to do such a thing ;) Congratulations again and I wish you all the best :)

  3. Congrats on everything new! I absolutely love your blog & your new design is fabulous. I’m thinking of starting my own shoe blog for girls in my country to refer to but I doubt I’d be able to get everything about everything up like you do! Keep up the great work for all of us shoe lovers across the globe :)
    PS I’m from Bahrain, in the Middle East

  4. Toyosi says:

    I am in love with your new site, I found myself trying to guess the shoes, I recognised the Louboutins quite easily obviously, the miu miu polka dot pumps (?), brian atwood, charlotte olympia and I’m thinking the strappy pink heels are chrisitan dior. I’m very frustrated at myself for not getting the rest.

    A massive congratulations on your engagement and I am totally enamoured with your website!

  5. MvGalloway says:

    Congratz!!!! The new site is great. I tried to get on earlier and got a blank. Well worth the wait [[^.^]]. Congratz!!!! Again on the engagement [[^.^]] can’t wait to see the wedding shoes, I also can’t wait to see whats in store for the new year on ShoeRazzi

  6. Vivian :] says:

    Im lovin ur new design!:] the shoes are amazing and so feminine! sincerest congratulations on getting engaged! hope u two r very happy together ^^ happy easer btw and good luck with ur travelling! bet ur wedding + ur rock will be totes cool congrats again! :)

  7. Vivian :] says:

    Im lovin ur new design!:] the shoes are amazing and so feminine! sincerest congratulations on getting engaged! hope u two r very happy together ^^ happy easter btw and good luck with ur travelling! bet ur wedding + ur rock will be totes cool congrats again! :)

  8. The site looks great and I love the shoe selections you picked up over the holidays

  9. mandy says:

    Congratulations Ashely. Im glad your living the life and you are such an inspiration. Love your blog love the effort behind it.

  10. Jessica says:

    Congrats! Love the website and new design.

  11. Eva says:

    Love, love, LOVE the new design. And it’s very nice to read new stuff about who you are as well. Congratulations on your engagement!

  12. Jess says:

    Congratulations!! So many exciting things going on for you. A very special congratulations on your engagement, so happy for you. I love your new Brian Atwoods and love love love the new site! Can’t wait to see your top 10 wants for spring :)

  13. WOW! Congratulations and good luck to you! The new layout is beautiful, and I wish you the best in all these changes. :)

  14. Sharon says:

    Double congratulations for the new layout and for your new life. How exciting to be traveling the world with the person you love! I know your spontaneous wedding will be unique and romantic. I wish you continued happiness and thank you for my daily fix of beautiful shoes.

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