10 Best Aerobic Shoes

Best Aerobic Shoes

With an increasing awareness of the health benefits of regular exercise, a large number of people are signing up for aerobics. It is not only fitness experts or overweight people engaging in aerobics, but even ordinary folks understand the benefits they stand to benefit from it. If you are looking to get fitter, healthier and … Read more

16 Best Asics Running Shoes

Best Asics Running Shoes

Asics is recognized for producing high-quality sports equipment and footwear for a wide range of sports. The company also produces highly-durable running shoes with ample cushioning and support to boost the performance of athletes and provide runners with optimal comfort. Running shoes manufactured by Asics boast different kinds of technologies and vary in terms of … Read more

16 Best Baseball Cleats

Best Baseball Cleats

Baseball is one of the most popular American sports, labeled as a favorite pastime of many. It reminds fans of hotdogs, sunshine, and the smell of leather gloves. If you are into the sport, you would know that baseball is a game of inches. One inch can make a difference between a fair and foul … Read more

18 Best Cheer Shoes

Best Cheer Shoes

Life of a cheerleader looks extremely glamorous and fun, but those who participate in the sport know that this isn’t true. Cheerleading is a high-intensity sport, featuring tumbling, stunting, and high-flying tricks. It requires flexibility, stamina, determination and a lot of guts to excel as a cheerleader, and not everyone has these traits. Not only … Read more

10 Best Gym Shoes for Men

Best Gym Shoes for Men

If you have recently found the motivation to go to the gym, you must be feeling great, right? There are a number of reasons why people hit the gym. Maybe you want to get back into shape or you want to lose some weight. Perhaps, you may be looking to gain lean muscle mass. Whatever … Read more

10 Best Adidas Running Shoes

Best Adidas Running Shoes

Running is one of the best activities for your overall health. Not only can regular running contribute to weight loss/ control, improved heart health and stronger bones, it also helps relieve anxiety by de-stressing your mind. But, in order to reap the most benefits from running, you need to get the right pair of shoes. … Read more

16 Best Disc Golf Shoes

Best Disc Golf Shoes

Disc golf, a sport that only a few people knew about during the early 1990s, has captured the attention of the masses in the past decade or so. According to the Pro Disc Golf Association, over 500,000 people play disc golf regularly. There are more than 1,600 courses in the country, with California’s 93 leading the … Read more

17 Best Marathon Shoes

Best Marathon Shoes

In a marathon, your biggest competitor isn’t other athletes; it is the distance. Mile after mile, your body will churn out energy to your muscles while your mind will attempt to hold composure. As you get close to the finish line, your body would be depleted of energy and you will be running on sheer … Read more

11 Best Tennis Shoes for the Court

Best Tennis Shoes for the Court

While all sports are competitive, we are yet to see a game as competitive and grueling as tennis. Not only do you have to fight for every point, but you have to make small victories and repeat them consistently to win a match finally. The competition between players is terrific, and the agility needed for … Read more

19 Best Weightlifting Shoes

Best Weightlifting Shoes

On the checklist of a standard gym-goer, iPods, lifting belts, and water bottles get plenty of love. However, they often overlook what’s on their feet, which is a surprise given the importance of wearing the right shoes for weightlifting. People show up in the gym wearing all kinds of shoes. Beginners are usually completely lost … Read more

14 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

  Indoor soccer is quite similar to the more-famous, outdoor version of the game. It is played indoors with some changes to suit the indoor arena. Traditional soccer rules are molded to complement the smaller arena and fast pace. Typically, an indoor soccer team comprises of six players but this number may vary depending on … Read more

16 Best Racquetball Shoes

Best Racquetball Shoes

Racquetball is a high-intensity game that requires the players to be light on their feet. A player should be able to accelerate quickly, stop at a moment’s notice, and turn at a breakneck pace. All of this must be done while being safe. An ordinary pair of shoes will make it difficult for you to … Read more

17 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

Golf, like any other sports, can’t be played without the right equipment. You must have the right set of clubs, golf balls, and a golf bag to carry these accessories through the course. In addition to this gear, another important aspect that most people don’t pay a lot of attention to is finding the right … Read more

20 Best Wrestling Shoes

Best Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling is an old sport that has transformed through the ages. In the days of yore, ancient Greeks competed in the Olympic Wrestling and used to fight barefoot. The Roman culture followed in their footsteps but they introduced leather sandals to ensure that wrestlers had better stability and increased support in the ring for maximum … Read more

13 Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers

Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers

According to the latest statistics, more than 1.9 billion adults are overweight. The prevalence of obesity is 39.8 percent and affects about 93.3 million U.S. adults. Obesity is the leading cause of heart attacks and linked directly to diabetes. This is why people who are overweight should pay special attention to their diet and exercise … Read more